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Borrowing online casino concepts to keep your website relevant

Designing a website is a practical necessity in modern business, but it is also an evolving and complicated pursuit than can take years to master. Even for those who study design, constantly shifting concepts in technology and culture can mean knowledge is out of date within just a few years. Understanding this, we want to use the idea of online casinos to examine how your website might stay relevant. From contemporary cultural involvement to changing tech, here’s where you need to know.

Code (4) by microsiervos, on Flickr
Code (4)” (CC BY 2.0) by microsiervos

Rotating Offerings

One of the best ways to keep customers interested and involved in your website is to constantly rotate new offers. This will not only give customers something new to hold their interest, but it will also illustrate that your business is one which values going a step beyond what is strictly necessary.

In the online casino world, a strong modern example can be seen in this offering of the latest Christmas number 1 odds. For this casino, the ability to bet on which song will be the biggest hit this holiday season is an unusual but very welcome addition. It doesn’t just let people express their confidence in certain Christmas patterns, it also gives them an opportunity not available at any other time or place. It’s for the customers, in other words, and customers can see that, even if they don’t wish to engage.

A similar idea applies to your general stock, where updating older offerings with newer replacements and alternatives is key. Often underestimated on this front is the removal of older objects, as part of the general cleaning of websites or catalogues. People trying and failing to buy products no longer in stock will only serve to annoy, so remember to keep availability clearly listed at all times. If somebody won on a slot game, only to find that slot’s winnings were no longer valid, for example, online casinos would be left with many irate players.

Bringing the Tech

The other side of the development coin comes with keeping your website technology as up to date as possible. This means embracing newer efficient code when you can, and ensuring your website works on as many modern devices as is feasible.

In the online casino world, the biggest illustration of this came about with the rise of mobile as a primary internet platform. For a long time, online casinos had to use apps to work on these devices, but as HTML5 arrived, this was no longer true. This necessitated an enormous redesign of many digital casinos, the result of which was vastly improved forms of access for everyone. Such developments even affected the games themselves, thousands of which had to make a move from the dying Flash to more contemporary platforms.

Museum Computer by Rd. Vortex, on Flickr
Museum Computer” (CC BY 2.0) by Rd. Vortex

However you intend to update your website, you need to understand that practice and patience are the best teachers. Expect to make some mistakes at first, knowing that as long as you learn from those mistakes, your long-term engagement should be better for it. Keep everything as modern as you can, constantly check new and old stock, and update new technologies, and you’ll guarantee a strong basis on which your style can grow.

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