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With an offer of two weeks for £25 running throughout January, and a brand new gym opening, there is no better time to join

It’s winter, it’s cold outside and every January we all have the same feeling. It’s time I get into shape! But the how part is always the trickiest. For most, going for the occasional jog or joining the gym is fine for a few weeks but boredom sets in early and most of the time you start to lose motivation. So why not try something a little different, a place where you can learn new skills and meet new people. 

This is where TheBox, a boxing-inspired fitness studio, comes into its own.  This is where The Box, a boxing-inspired fitness studio, comes into its own. And with the announcement of a new studio opening this Jan, there’s even more reason to give this high intensity sport a go!

We caught up with founder Lucy Pinto to discover how how to get fit this year.

It’s 2023. I’m ready to lose this belly! What classes would you recommend for an unfit and slightly bloated body I’ve succumbed to?

All our classes are adaptable so I would recommend either Strength & Conditioning where you get to choose your weights and we go through functional movement patterns. Or our signature class Box’N Burn. BNB is a high energy boxing class where you work with a partner and pads. It’s great fun and caters for first timers and people who have boxed for years

How easy is it to drop in for a taster session?

Super easy, just go to your website or the mindbody app book your desired session and away you go. Drop in’s are £15 

I love boxing. What levels and classes can I enjoy this month (Jan) and do you offer professional boxing lessons for the more experienced?

We love that you love boxing! Box’N Burn or our Rounds class. Rounds is a circuit based class where you get to work on your own individual bag and focus on your endurance and skill levels. Think footwork, skipping and drills on the bags.

We are also running FightClub from the 10th January where you get to train with us 3 times a week. Sessions are broken down into roadwork, strength and sparring. See link for more details

What can we expect from your new studio and when does this launch?

The new space which is down the same road (don’t panic people) is a much larger space yet still inclusive. We have three studio’s dedicated to Functional training, Boxing and a Pilates studio

We will be open on the 3rd January with a soft launch on the 6th of the month and a grand opening at the end of the month when the Pilates studio is complete

Are you running any offers if I book multiple classes?

We sure are – two weeks for £25. What a great offer! This is running for the whole of January and is for Unlimited classes. This way you get to see the full experience that TheBox can offer you and your friends

Got any diet + training tips to kickstart 2023?

Everything in moderation. Don’t start the year saying ‘I’m going to run a marathon, drink green juice and cut my calories’ as you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. Start small and really enjoy the process. Why not book into class with a friend and make each other accountable 

TheBox Unlimited monthly £69 Blocks also available


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