4am rise and thrive
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Brahma’s Breakfast Club

4am Rise & Thrive Revelation

By Clare Best

In a world where night owls reign and snooze buttons get more action than the gym, the 4am wake-up call may seem like a cruel joke. Brace yourself for the cosmic comedy because, as it turns out, waking up at the crack of dawn is not just a trendy habit—it’s a rendezvous with wisdom and the secret sauce to a more creative, focused, and productive day.

Patanjali’s Prescription for Unleashing Creativity

Ever pondered why ancient yogis were early risers? According to Patanjali, the mastermind behind the Yoga Sutras, the celestial energy is on point at 4am, creating the perfect atmosphere for spiritual endeavours. It’s like the universe is hosting a breakfast club for the soul and guess who is on the guest list? You, with a chai in hand and spiritual antennas tuned in for some cosmic insights. Whilst the world is still wrapped in a blanket of darkness, you have the creative playground all to yourself. Whether you’re a writer, artist, or just chasing that next big idea, 4am is the magic hour where creativity blooms in quietude.

Sun Salutations with Surya: A Sensory Embrace

If you think sunrise yoga is just a fitness trend, think again. The Vedas, the chronicles of ancient wisdom, propose that worshipping the sun at sunrise synchronises your body with the innate rhythms of nature. It’s not just a workout; it’s a choreography where you and the sun waltz together, establishing the mood for a day aligned with the natural flow.

Meditation at Brahma-Muhurta: The Serious Art of Peaceful Mornings

Enter Brahma-Muhurta, the Vedic golden hour (4am to 6am, location-dependent), where the universe sips its morning coffee, and divine frequencies start where intentions to hit that snooze button end. Meditating at this cosmic hour is like holding a backstage pass to the universe’s stand-up show. Cosmic revelations, not punchlines, await, with laughter as
the sweet sound of enlightenment.

The Open Invitation to Celestial Shenanigans

4am meditation isn’t reserved for aesthetics on mountain peaks, the invite is open to all. It’s
not about sleep deprivation but a golden ticket to your tranquil sanctuary. The ultimate
goal? Inner peace resonating throughout the day.

In a world glorifying late-night hustles, consider flipping the script. Explore the 24 hours entrusted to us, embracing change within the confines of current responsibilities. Have fun, become the maestro of your morning masterpiece, and let the day unfold with whatever sequels it has in store for you.

The 4am Journal

I curated a journal to ease your 4am transition—a labor of love, indeed. Gradually waking up

30 minutes earlier each day proves a gentler adjustment than my past drastic and less-than graceful choices, which once had me dozing off at my desk before lunch.

Join me in this ongoing quest to discover the ever-evolving perfect morning routine. Note
down your intentions for this newfound time, as it has proven, in my experience, to fortify
your resolve against that pesky snooze button. Reach out, share your insights as we navigate
the tranquil dawn waters together. Take it easy, and let the journey unfold at its own
natural pace.

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