Mover, Photo credit by BAKI

Breakin’ convention comes to Brighton Dome

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, Breakin’ Convention returns with another showcase of gravity and genre defying dance action. Out on tour for the summer, the international festival of hip hop theatre will be throwing it down at Brighton Dome on Sat 3 June. It will mix global talent with the south coast’s greatest.

Hosted and curated by Breakin’ Convention’s Artistic Director Jonzi D, It showcases exceptional hip hop crews from across the UK.

These include top poppers, lockers, b-boys and b-girls. Plus as always, showstopping international acts. Out in Dome’s foyer, you’ll also find live DJs, graffiti artists and freestyle dance sessions so everyone can join in. 

This renowned and inclusive celebration of hip hop culture welcomes the legendary Ghetto Funk Collective for 2023. Based in the Netherlands, this collective of dancers, musicians and DJs was founded by best friends Ruben Chi and Roché Apinsa. They’ve created their own funk-fuelled movement, sound and experience. They take audiences on a journey, paying homage to funk’s rich cultural heritage. This, while infusing it with a fresh, modern sensibility.

Yvonne Smink, Image credit – Luis Zamora Caroca

Also from the Netherlands, Yvonne Smink will be bringing a highly original, hip hop infused take on the art of pole dancing. Her practice originated from climbing. She immediately fell in love with the physical challenge pole dancing offers. This breath-taking, gravity-defying signature style is influenced by Chinese pole and breakdance amongst other forms. Every performance is loaded with power moves and intricate detail. Yvonne demonstrates her natural grace, flow and physical dexterity.

Hailing from South Korea, MOVER move beyond specific dance genres, building on and utilising their considerable skills as breakers. They’ll perform a piece titled Merry-Go-Round, referencing a DJing technique which repeats the interlude or break of a song by using twin turntables. In their view, B-Boying, which originated from this music is a dance mirroring our lives, flowing and moving with a repeated rhythm.

Urban City Dance Breakin Convention at Brighton Dome

There’s a host of brilliant local talent.

Including, Mid Sussex’s unstoppable BPM Dance Academy. The exceptional Project Female and hip-hop dance from JP Omari’s legendary Street Funk crew. Alongside them are Visual Artists with choreographer Munya Muchati, explosive freestyle action from Will Timpson. Plus, students from street dance and performing arts school, Urban City Dance.

Two decades down the line, Breakin’ Convention’s values have remained unchanged. To platform the best hip hop theatre from around the world, and from around the corner. Through its international festivals, tours and professional development programme and projects for young people, this invigorating dance event is at the vanguard of the global development of hip hop theatre artists.

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