Breaking Taboo: Female Sexuality an NFT Art Exhibition

Breaking Taboo: Female Sexuality – an NFT Art Exhibition

Encounters Digital presents their very first ‘phygital’ event featuring works curated by Miladys Parejo that span across NFT, physical and performance art!

The theme is Breaking Taboo: Female Sexuality. Selected digital artworks will reflect current culture but are not expected to explore the complex evolution of sexology. Rather, artworks will capture components of the essence of emotional and physical sexuality, grasping the power that female sexuality holds.

The event takes place on 12 Langdale Road, Hove, BN3 4HN (map)

Encounters Digital is a curated NFT marketplace where artists, curators and collectors collaborate to help build a new and vibrant creative economy.

This new venture builds on Encounters Art Space’s existing local and international community of
Artists, Collectors and Collaborators. Encounters Digital combines the skills of an entrepreneurial art curation social enterprise with an ambitious digital venture. Harnessing the powerful potential of the SOLANA blockchain, they enable talented artists to embrace opportunities in the emerging CryptoArt market. Encounters Digital’s overarching aim is to lead developments that will shape the future of art ownership by uniquely bridging physical experiences with the digital realm.

Encounters Digital’s team invite you to join our Launch Event: Breaking Taboo: Female Sexuality,
Breaching Social Conventions on the 26th–28th March. 12 Langdale Road, Hove BN3 4HN

Saturday 26th March: Launch Day and Private Viewing Party
11am to 5pm: Open House Launch Day Viewing
6pm to 10:30pm: Private Viewing Party
7pm: Presentation by Founders Gerry Hussein & Mila Parejo
8:30pm: Performance Art by Yole Quintero
9:15pm: Live 1/1 Auction
Sunday 27th March: General Admission
11am to 5pm: Open House General Admission Viewing
Monday 28th March: General Admission
11am to 5pm: Open House General Admission Viewing

Please contact Miladys Parejo if you have any questions at


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