Brendon Burns comes to Otherplace

Described as the ‘William Burroughs and Charles Bukowski of stand-up’ Brendon Burns is out on a UK tour at the moment. Calling at Otherplace at the Basement on Sat 28 Nov, ‘Outside The Box 2’ sees him proving once again what a truly unique talent he is.

Earlier in the year Burns took to touring anything but traditional comedy venues. With over 100 shows to compete with he asked himself why bust his arse to sell tickets to people that wouldn’t comprehend him anyway. So rather than picking a fight, he ran and hid. He decided to follow in the footsteps of US comics Doug Stanhope and Patton Oswalt and leave the comedy clubs behind, touring absolutely anything but. From indie music venues to comic book stores, from zoos to libraries, he even played in people’s front rooms.

The tour was aimed at those with their ears to the ground. Those truly passionate about stand up and sick to death of having an opportunity to see one of their favourite comedians in their local club ruined because a stag do didn’t know when to keep quiet. These fans are OK with sensitive subject matter and digging a little deeper to read the subtext within.

Burns is not your everyday comic. Never pompous and ever self-deprecating he just somehow seems to get away with murder. Often replicated but never matched, his shows aren’t just extended sets, Burns specialises in creating experiences, forever experimenting with the form and throwing himself new challenges.

Brendon Burns ‘Outside The Box 2’ comes to Brighton’s Otherplace at the Basement on Sat 28 Nov, as part of a nationwide tour.

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