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Brick By Brick comes to Hastings Museum & Art Gallery

Gathering the work of 14 artists, designers and photographers from around the world who use LEGO® bricks as their medium or inspiration, the Brick by Brick runs at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery until Sun 18 June. 

This free exhibition of International LEGO® Brick Art sees creators use this simple plastic construction block as their starting point. They create stunning, thought provoking and often humorous artworks which will appeal to art enthusiasts and brick fans alike.

Participating artists include The Little Artists. Artists consist of David Hughes, Ekow Nimako, Janet Curley Cannon, Hannah Gibson. As well as , Little Big Art, Zino, Eat My Bricks, Samsofy, Michael Brennand-Wood, James Paterson, Valentino Fialdini, AME 72 and Jonathan Rolph.

Toronto based artist Ekow Nimako, began using LEGO® bricks in his professional practice in 2014. He has since cultivated a unique approach to sculpting this iconic medium. Comprised of black bricks only, Nimako will be exhibiting four captivating artworks, which reference mythology, West African proverbs and afrofuturism.

Michael Brennand-Wood has created four stunning artworks especially for this exhibition. Using a range of colours, shapes and sizes of bricks, he has created a series of abstract montages which have a mesmerising appeal to them.

Collectively known as The Little Artists, John Cake and Darren Neave collaborated to replicate a series of well-known contemporary artworks. They also create icons of popular culture using LEGO® bricks.

Brazilian photographer Valentino Fialdini will be exhibiting one of his large-scale photographs which show empty rooms and corridors. Using specialist photography and lighting techniques, Fialdini tricks the viewer’s eye in to thinking that these miniature LEGO® rooms are life-sized.

American born artist Janet Curley Cannon will be exhibiting her artwork Not on the High Street Anymore. This installation was constructed using her husband’s childhood LEGO® bricks and makes reference to the demise of the UK’s high street.

Inspired by the wide range of artworks on show, a LEGO® graffiti wall, a build table and a selection of LEGO® related games and competitions will also be present. They give visitors the opportunity to try their hand at creating their own construction brick artwork.

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