Brighton café organise charity pillow fight

A pillow fight flash mob on April 1st. While it may sound like an April Fools, this event is no joke. It is National Pillow Fight Day.

The Bucket and Spade cafe under the Kings Road Arches are organising a charity pillow fight to help Brighton’s homeless. Over two thousand people have already shown their interest in the event, which was only posted on Facebook five days ago. Café owner Lisle Jackson has said he is shocked at the popularity of the event.

The event has hit it off with the residents of Brighton and Hove, so the creators have decided to use the fight to do their bit for charity too. It is an issue that is close to home for organiser, Callum Lawrence, who lived on the streets of Brighton last year. They are using the opportunity to raise money and awareness for homeless charities in the city. All of the pillows used will be donated to Shelter and First Base Brighton. They have also announced an additional plea for people to bring spare clothes, toothbrushes and any other non-food essentials that they can also donate.

With the flash mob already going viral, it is bound to be a fun event for all the family, with no shortage of people to hit with your pillow.

The location is yet to be announced after the organisers had to reconsider their plans following the large amount of interest.

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