Brighton is getting its very first cereal café

Four years after the opening of the UK’s first ever cereal café in London, Brighton is now following in its footsteps with the Brighton Cereal Café to be opened in the heart of the city on Fri 1 Jun.

Much like the Cereal Killer Café in Shoreditch, the Brighton Cereal Café will serve a wide range of imported cereal to enjoy alongside cereal cocktails and shakes. Co-owner Oskar said: “It’s a similar concept to Cereal Killer Café in London, but aesthetically we’re going to be a bit more high end; I didn’t want to go down the line of having retro absolutely everywhere.”

The café will offer between ten and 15 seats and two bar sections, where customers can enjoy cereals imported from South Africa, Australia, America, France and Germany with options including everything from Froot Loops and Lucky Charms to Cookies & Cream Shreds, Strawberry Pops and Sprinkled Donut Crunch. Milk-wise, Brighton Cereal Café will offer 12 different options including soya, oat, coconut and almond milk alongside traditional dairy.

Standard bowls of cereal will range anywhere between £1.50 for plain cornflakes to £3.80 for a large bowl of American cereal, while an array of 20 toppings come in at 50p-90p each (that’s £15 if you want to go all out and order everything). A slightly more calorie-friendly topping of maple syrup will cost 90p on top of the standard bowl, while customers can also have a flat shake (made from everyone’s childhood staple, Nesquik) on the side for only £1.50.

As for the location, Oskar and business partner Konstantin have decided to keep quiet for now, however have promised to give away 100 free bowls of cereal to their first 100 customers on Fri 1 Jun.

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