Brighton Chocolate Festival – celebrate the journey from bean to bar this Sept

On Sat 16 and Sun 17 September, Brighton Chocolate Festival will be returning to the Brighthelm Centre. Last year saw a large group of artisan chocolate makers set up stalls for visitors to browse, try and buy their products. Exhibitors included J.Cocoa, Dormouse Chocolate, Eponine, Anisa and more from near and far. Taking centre stage at the event is immaculate flavours, and ethical sourcing. Learn more about the journey from bean to bar, and find a new appreciation for the craft in cacao. 

The list of exhibitors at this year’s festival includes the return of the above businesses, as well as Terre de Sienne (Worthing), Contour Chocolate (London), Cocoa Retreat (Kent), and many more from across the nation. This year the event will be heavily focussed on those who source cacao beans ethically, or use chocolate that is made with ethically sourced beans. For example, last year Eponine used chocolate made by Dormouse to make some amazing filled chocolates.

Rachel Paton and her partner James from J. Cocoa first attended Brighton Chocolate Festival as stall holders before the pandemic, when it was run by Susan Sheen. They loved having a place to showcase and celebrate their chocolate so close to home. So, when Sheen decided to no longer organise the event, Rachel and James took on the challenge of hosting Brighton Chocolate Festival themselves. 

Brighton is full of foodies so it’s a brilliant location to introduce newbies to the world of bean to bar chocolate. It’s still not an artisan everyone is aware of, and they are hoping to follow in the footsteps of craft beer and single origin coffee in showcasing the skill behind the produce.

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