Brighton Comedy Festival: Lee Nelson

Lee Nelson has been anything but under the radar lately. As well as being “well funny, a legend from South London, and a cheeky cockney scamp”, Lee also tells me about the “naughty stuff” he’s been getting up to lately. Besides his mischief, he is getting ready to begin his new ‘Suited and Booted Tour’ which will be coming to Brighton’s very own comedy festival this October.

Perhaps Lee’s most prolific prank to date is his invasion of Kanye West’s set at Glastonbury this year. Some found it funny, some Kanye fans found it annoying, but one thing is certain (according to Lee). “You can’t complain if you’re a Kanye fan, because he actually stopped the song and restarted it again. So you got two of that same song – you got more Kanye because of me!” Lee’s good intentions don’t stop there. “I was just trying to help him out….A lot of people didn’t want him to headline the festival, so I thought I’d give them an alternative!”

How Lee actually wiggles his way into high security venues, such as the Glastonbury main stage, seems to warrant a long list of highly organised strategies. However, he tells me it is simply about “walking the walk”. For example, his technique for getting behind Glastonbury security was walking like Kanye and “acting like a complete bellend.” He tells me “I had my little boy’s toy microphone with me… they just bought it and bosh, I’m up there with the man himself – Mr West!” When I ask him whether he would ever take his young son on a prank with him, he seems excited. “I like it! He could be like the canary down the mine! He could sneak under security with a hidden camera or summin’.” As for Lee’s next prank? We will just have to wait and see. However, he does mention an interest in the next Victoria’s Secret show….

Of course, as Lee reassures me, Edinburgh Fringe and his other shows “…are a sort of warm up for the Brighton gig”. Although having enjoyed Brighton in the past, he remains slightly confused about the Pride festival. “The coppers had rounded up hundreds of gay people and was making them march with whistles and stuff. It was a disgrace.”

So what can Brighton expect of Lee Nelson? Very simply “full pelt Lee Nelson all guns” and “laughs by the bucket load!” Lee tells me “this time I’ve upped my game a little bit, I’ve got my suit on, got rid of the shorts and the t shirt too. Gave them to a charity shop.” So, is this a new, sophisticated Lee Nelson we will be seeing in October? It seems so, as he tells me he will be discussing a wide range of super-serious topics “Family, life, bit of politics, bit of immigration, bit of global warming… the lot!”

Lee Nelson’s Suited and Booted tour comes to Brighton Dome’s Corn Exchange Thu 22 Oct, as part of Brighton Comedy Festival.

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