Scrabble Love

Brighton company plays cupid for Singaporean couple

In one of the lovelier stories of 2020 (although, to paraphrase Bart Simpson, there are a lot of low hands in that deck), mobile gaming company MAG Interactive helped Harvey Lee organise a surprise proposal to his girlfriend in its game Word Domination during lockdown.

Marry Me Tiles

The studio spelt out the words: ’Will you marry me?’ in a message within the game that could only be seen by the couple from Singapore.

Harvey, 29, approached the studio for help when his previous plans to propose to Ai Vee, 30, were put on ice by coronavirus.

After two years together he was hoping to pop the question in an amazing restaurant but instead chose to propose in the game which they have been playing since March to improve their vocabulary during lockdown.

Ludvig Davidsson, Graphics Developer at MAG Interactive, which has offices in Brighton and Stockhom, said: ”It was such a fun request that we just couldn’t pass it up. We have had a few couples meeting and falling in love through our games before but to actively help someone propose was so exciting that everyone got on board instantly. We also felt that if we could help spread some joy in the world in these troubling times it would be worth it.”

The team created a special booster card in the game that would spell out the words “will you marry me” when played. They even replaced Ai Vee’s tiles with “yesno”.

Ludvig added: ”We had a lot of fun discussing our options for implementing the proposal and everyone has been eager to hear about the progress, including my wife and the staff at my son’s preschool! There was also a strong sense of relief that everything worked out technically. I even popped open a bottle of prosecco to celebrate!”

Harvey and Ai

Harvey said: ”We were staying together all along, so planning a surprise proposal was definitely harder but thank God I managed to pull it off with the help of the amazing team from MAG and my housemates.

”Knowing that the lockdown period would probably be extended, proposing at a nice outdoor venue was near to impossible. I did not want to wait any longer. After being together with Ai Vee for more than two years, I know she is the one for me. I hope to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Ai Vee has of course said yes and the happy couple are hoping to tie the knot next year. When lockdown is over their first date will be dinner at the restaurant where Harvey had originally planned to propose.

Ai Vee said: ”I was stunned when I saw the words “Will You Marry Me” on the board! I couldn’t think for a moment and I did not know what to say because it was truly unbelievable and I did not see it coming.

”I was really touched to know that he put in so much effort and time to contact and work with MAG to make this happen. I am really grateful that MAG responded to his request and everything else was magic.”

And what made her fall in love? Ai Vee said: ”Harvey makes me laugh, makes me feel safe and makes me feel very comfortable being around him. He is an optimistic and energetic guy, he is passionate about the things he does and he is a trustworthy and reliable partner. Most importantly, he loves me for who I am, and he’s been really nice and generous to my family and friends.”

Harvey added: ”Ai Vee is kind, smart, funny and to me she is truly beautiful inside and out. She is the most caring person I have ever known and she knows how to take care of me really well. I feel extremely loved when I am with her and I know that even if the world comes crashing down, she will always be there for me.”

Daniel Hasselberg, CEO at MAG Interactive, said: “I’m so proud that our team took the opportunity to spread some joy and be part of a very special moment in these players’ lives.

”This is exactly the sort of initiative that makes MAG such a special company and it shows that our teams truly care for their community. On an individual level I also think being part of such a big moment in someone’s life really makes you feel that you can make an impact with the work you do. I know the team was really excited to engage in this and I am very happy to see that.”

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