Brighton Digital Festival closes this Sunday, after 28 days of adventures in art and artistic investigations into the digital. There is still plenty of time to make the most of the array of digital culture on offer.

Here’s a quick roundup of exhibitions and installations that will still be running over the weekend.

For The Window
Outside Brighton Station
From sunset, until Tue 30 Sept

Brighton Digital Festival’s headquarters at International House Brighton will be draped with a hand-crafted LED curtain.

These windows will display personalized messages and designs from Twitter users around the world, as well as information about the Brighton Digital Festival and its events.

Anyone can broadcast their own message, whatever it may be, and have it displayed across one of Brighton’s busiest spots.

11am-6pm, until Sun 28 Sept

For the duration of the festival, Lighthouse’s gallery space will be transformed into a ‘News Fixing Bureau’ where visitors can surreptitiously satirise, spin or subvert the news being read by those nearby.

The New Sublime
Phoenix Brighton
11am-5pm, until Sat 27 Sept

An exhibition and series of discussions exploring the new ways in which artists that use digital technology are engaging with the viewer’s attention. The New Sublime examines our relationship to technology in general.

Hidden Lines (Pictured)
27 Richmond Place
From 8pm, until Sun 28 Sept

On the floor of a disused shop, at the heart of Brighton & Hove’s city centre, a domestic robot trundles through the space, bumping into walls turning, moving back across the space in an endless, pointless journey. At the same time words appear on the walls, grow larger and then disappear. What’s the connection between these seemingly disjointed words and the little robot on its endless journey?

23 Brighton Square
10am-6pm, until Tue 30 Sept

In Undercurrent, a new work by designer Coralie Gourguechon and artist/technologist Natalie Kane, a large installation of handmade paper electronic speakers is triggered to play sounds by the movement of people in the space.

Six Stories
St John’s Centre
9.30am – 4.30pm, until Sun 28 Sept

A video installation featuring older people talking about their memories and thoughts on life and death. The exhibition combines interview footage and animation projection mapped on to a carved chalk face.

Mind’s Eye
Circus Street
10am-6pm, until Sun 28 Sept

Mind’s Eye will transport you from one of Brighton’s least known areas to all corners of our Solar System. Put on a set of headphones and let the experience of pioneering scientists and engineers fuel your imagination. Guided by their voices; wander the barren plains of Mars, witness Rosetta’s imminent landing on a comet and adventure beyond, past the aurora of Saturn and on to interstellar space.

Brighton Media Centre
10am-6pm, until September 28

Combining spatialised sound, dynamic lighting and traditional sculptural techniques, Interstice is a produce a subtly interactive installation which sonifies the human genome, creating a melody that would take centuries to play to its conclusion.

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