Brighton Digital Festival: dConstruct line up announced

Brighton Digital Festival is almost upon us, which means a month-long celebration of digital culture is just around the corner. And one of the festival’s biggest events, the dConstruct conference, has just released its official line up.

Attendees including global tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter will gather at the Brighton Dome to listen to a range of visionary guest speakers, who will all be discussing this year’s theme, Designing The Future.

Speakers will include Intel’s futurologist Brian David Johnson, Internet of Things designer and creator of the iconic humanoid robot Simon, Carla Diana, and Josh Clark, multiplatform designer and author of Tapworthy.

The dConstruct speakers will delve into topics such as ‘past visions of the future’, a reflection on how previous generations imagined the world of today. What did they get right and what they get wrong? Will we ever get the flying cars and jetpacks predicted by Hollywood? And would it be a good thing if we did?

Founder of dConstruct, Andy Budd said: ““As designers and technologists, our job is to imagine possible futures and see them realised. At the same time we need to consider the effect our latest creations will have on both users and society as a whole.”

This exciting conference will also ask serious questions about the moral implications of a future dictated by the entertainment industry and ask how designers can create more realistic imaginings of the future to harness technology in a way that improves lives.

To view the full speaker line-up and purchase tickets, visit

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