Brighton Digital Festival

Brighton Digital Festival secures sponsorship from Legal and General

Brighton employer Legal and General have announced their sponsorship for the Learning and Development Programme as part of Brighton Digital Festival.

As part of this new sponsorship, Legal and General are participating in “ThinkNation: Young People Creating Tech Solutions For Big Social Challenges” on the 13 October. The event will encourage young members of the Brighton and Hove community to resolve problems via the use of technology. With the help from mentors who are associated with the creative arts, tech and business, the event is bound to bring up some topical events, so be sure to attend the free event at Platf9rm.

Legal and General and Brighton Digital Festival are a great partnership. Being a local business with two offices located in Hove with nearly 2,000 employees, they pride themselves in being an established major local employer. They are keen to recruit new digital talent into business, both Hove and London, and what better way to do that by promoting a local digital festival.

The festival relies on sponsorships like Legal and General to provide adequate project funding, allowing them to deliver great events.

Looping back to the idea of young people creating tech solutions, Legal and General use high quality solutions to make its employers and customers lives that much easier. Offering interesting opportunities including designers, developers, tester and scrum masters.

Phillip Anderson, transformation director at Legal and General Retirement, said: “Sponsorship of the Brighton Digital Festival is a great way to demonstrate this ambition and commitment, by both developing our presence and sharing our learning with the local market.”

The Diverse and exciting festival reflects on creativity and innovation. It underpins the unique culture that surrounds Brighton and Hove. The Director of the festival, Laurence Hill says “Brighton Digital Festival celebrates the richness of the creative and cultural industries of the city..”.

Brighton Digital Festival currently has an exhibition on at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery called ‘Remix the Museum’, showcasing animations and gifs produced by young people. If you’re interested in finding out more events the festival are holding, check out their website here:

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