Brighton Fashion Week returns to celebrate sustainability

Celebrating sustainability and local designers, Brighton Fashion Week returns on Thurs 15 – Sat 17 Oct. This annual south coast celebration will explore pioneering ethical fashion through a series of catwalk shows, workshops, debates and industry networking. For the first time since its launch in 2009, the event will be completely sustainable. Every participating designer will use ethical practices in their production process and will be asked to make a pledge towards sustainability.

This year’s catwalks and workshops aim to create a more ethical, affordable and creative fashion industry. Participating organisations include Fashion Revolution and WRAP, which leads the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP), and consumer campaigns Love Your Clothes, Ethical Fashion Forum and Novel Beings.

One event highlight is SCAP Presents: Love Your Clothes – ‘Tonne of Clothes’. Taking place from Thurs 15 – Sat 17 Oct at Brighton’s Open Market, a group of up-cyclers, designers, artists and fashion businesses will create new pieces out of unwanted clothes. These creations will be made using one tonne of second-hand garments donated by Cancer Research UK. Brighton Fashion Week has invited local schools, fashion students and community members to get involved in this up-cycling event, making eco-fashion accessible to all.

Other events include a series of groundbreaking fashion shows, featuring the works of national and international designers at All Saints Church in Hove. These include the Zeitgeist Fashion Show, which sees the return of Catherine Hudson, who displayed her sustainable collection last year and the Sustain Catwalk Show, showcasing new environmentally conscious fashion.

“In the six years since its inception, Brighton Fashion Week has become an international fashion and art platform and 2015 is looking to be our most exciting year yet,” said Liz Bishop, founder and director of Brighton Fashion Week. “Making our events sustainable is a challenge that reflects our reputation for shaking-up the fashion mainstream.

“A number of renowned environmental organisations, including WRAP, Ethical Fashion Forum and Veolia, are helping us to develop our programme of events. It will be a great opportunity to unite the fashion industry and the local Brighton community, changing perceptions about fashion and creating awareness.”

Veolia is a key partner of Brighton Fashion Week, helping to spread the word of sustainable fashion. “To meet the needs of the 7.2 billion people on Earth, we need to address the biggest single issue our planet faces: lack of resources,” a Veolia spokesperson said. “We already have much of the technology we need to recycle, recover and reuse precious resources. Brighton Fashion Week is a great place to start a shift in public attitudes”.

Brighton Fashion Week looks to the future of conscious fashion and beauty. For more information about BFW 2015 and tickets sales visit

Brighton Fashion Week comes to venues across Brighton on Thurs 15 – Sat 17 Oct 2015

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