LuOrange cake by Lucille Dee

Brighton Food Lovers: Lucille Dee

BN1 Magazine speaks to three food lovers and gets the lowdown on what excites their palates

Lucille is a multidisciplinary artist. From a special effects make-up artist on Harry Potter, art department for the BBC and Netflix and Artistic Director for pop up dinners and immersive experiences.

She has been running pop ups since 2016. Lucille’s passion and creativity for the arts is evident through her ability to add theatre to a supper club and menu.

She is now working on two new projects, one of which is a private dining table called “Mi Casa”.

What made you fall in love with food to begin with?

Being half Italian and living in Elba, Tuscany, at a very young age, my love for fresh seasonal food and Mediterranean cuisine was embedded. I’ve wanted to be a chef since I was five years old and eating together with family and friends is one of life’s simple pleasures.

What was the first dish you can remember really enjoying?

It has to be my mum’s vegetarian lasagne. She is my biggest inspiration for cooking. She brought us up on an organic, macrobiotic diet which has given me such a great appreciation for plant based cooking.

If you were going to make a delicious meal for a loved one to show off a bit, what would it be and why?

It would be something like a Sunday roast dinner. Coq au vin or beetroot bourguignon are my go to dishes for loved ones. The idea of lots of flavour combinations cooked low and slow in herbs and wine. Accompanied by a red onion tarte tatin, super cheesy cauliflower, crispy roast potatoes, honey, balsamic root vegetables and a celeriac mash. Sharing them at the table, makes for me, the perfect recipe to entertain.

Lucille Dee

Could you tell us what you’re up to at the moment?

After finishing a very busy summer of crew catering at back to back music festivals and wellness retreats, I’m now working on something very special and a little bit different. With the fabulous guys at Post House Brighton, we are launching a new series of supper clubs. Kicking off this Halloween. Expect silliness, a delicious cocktail supper and dressing up is a must.

When it comes to food – what do you think are the most overrated dishes or ingredients and, conversely, what do you feel are the least appreciated dishes and why?

Personally, caviar. It’s just not for me. Celeriac is one of the most underrated vegetables. It’s in season 11 months of the year and has so many health benefits for your gut and digestive system. It’s rich in vitamin C and K, I love using it in many dishes.

If you’ve had a down day, what be the ‘go to’ cuisine that cheers you up?
Italian of course. Can I say my mum’s vegetarian lasagne again? Or a classic margarita with fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella.

Do you think, especially in regards to children, that learning enough about nutrition is being done, or indeed important?

100% no, most children and adults have no idea of the nutritional benefits foods have and most foods are highly processed and full of sugar. It would be wonderful to educate children how to grow healthy foods and be more self-sufficient.

If you had the capability to affect change in any element of the food or restaurant industry, what would it be, and why?

I would love for more restaurants to use seasonal, local or foraged ingredients. And hopefully developing a zero waste solution to reduce the disposal of perfectly good food.

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