Brighton Gamblers spoilt for choice with more online and land based casino options

A couple of years ago, if you wanted a night at the casino, there were really only three options in Brighton. Today, casino culture has taken Brighton by storm and there are more choices than ever.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that far from killing the business, the popularity of online casinos has actually been instrumental in leading to this boom in the land based variety. Let’s find out why, and take a look at the options available today, both in the virtual and the real world.

Online or land based? How about both?

The idea of walking into a casino, ordering a dry martini and taking the house for all its worth at the roulette wheel or the blackjack table sounds tempting, but it is understandable that a newcomer might approach the idea with more than a little trepidation. That’s why visiting a casino online makes so much sense. It’s just you and your smartphone or PC – there’s no need to get dressed up, and no dealers or expert gamblers to run into.

Practicing online, particularly when you are taking advantage of the generous introductory bonuses and free spins that so many virtual casinos offer, is also a great way to get into the swing of the different casino games.

Once you know your way around them all, including looking for the best mobile casino experience, you’ll be certain to want to get out there and try your luck in the real world. It’s this phenomenon of online casinos opening up a whole new world to those who had never tried one before that has led to the current situation, in which Brighton offers more casino choices than ever.


Located on the waterfront in Brighton’s thriving Marina, Rendezvous is the place for any aspiring James Bond to park the yacht and pop in for a game of blackjack. You can even get an expertly made martini at the casino’s high-class cocktail bar. The casino has 20 slot machines and 30 roulette terminals, while if table games are more your style, there’s blackjack, American roulette and three-card poker tables. There’s even a separate poker room where the stakes can get high.

The Grosvenor

Rendezvous might claim to have the best location in Brighton, but everything is subjective, and overlooking the historic pier, the Grosvenor can give it a good run for its money. There is a wealth of slots, as well as the usual table games, and the Grosvenor has recently introduced its new 6 shooter dice game, which has proved immensely popular. The casino has a relaxed atmosphere, and this is reflected in the comforting food offerings – make sure you try the pizza!


The Gentings brand is known the world over for providing great nights out. More than a casino, it offers a late bar, and there are frequent live music events if you decide to take a break from the traditional casino games. Membership is free and will allow easy access to other Gentings establishments around the country.


Tucked away on St James Street, Admirals is the place to go if you love your slots. They have the widest choice in Brighton, and with daily offers and special bonuses for new players, it’s almost like playing online. Free refreshments for gamers seal the deal – it has to be worth a visit!

Jewel Fun Casino

In the modern era, anything is possible. If you’re planning a party or corporate event, you can even have a casino that comes to you. Jewel Fun Casinos is based on Kings Road and offers a mobile casino experience like no other. If you’re stuck for a theme for this year’s office party, it might just be the answer!

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