The award-winning Brighton Gin have released an all-natural and ready to drink Raspberry Crush version

Brighton Gin releases all-natural and ready to drink Raspberry Crush

Brighton Gin, the South Coast’s multi-award winning super premium gin, has today announced the release of its all-natural Raspberry Crush, ready to drink on the go, and bottled in fully recyclable and sustainable packaging.   English raspberries, Sicilian lemons and a subtle hint of lavender are beautifully balanced with Brighton Gin’s gold-medal winning Seaside Strength gin and lightly carbonated water for the most perfect taste of summer.

The award-winning Brighton Gin have released an all-natural and ready to drink Raspberry Crush versionThe 4.8 % ABV Raspberry Crush is the first release in Brighton Gin’s new range, made for enjoying the Spirit of Brighton on the go.  With absolutely no nasties, no added sugar, not an e-number in sight and absolutely vegan too and with a focus on ethical and sustainable production, it’s totally sessionable for enjoying with friends while socialising at a safe distance.

Made in partnership with local drinks producer Sipsup, the gloriously pink Raspberry Crush is ready to drink chilled straight from the bottle or ideally served over ice with a sprig of lavender or a raspberry or two if you’re feeling fancy.  For an instant cocktail, it mixes beautifully with an extra shot of Brighton Gin Pavilion or Seaside Strength over lots of ice.

The award-winning Brighton Gin have released an all-natural and ready to drink Raspberry Crush version“We’re so excited to launch the first in our ready-to-drink all-natural range,” said Brighton Gin Founder Kathy Caton. “We’re also really pleased too to be doing it in collaboration with locally-based soft drinks maker Sipsup.  The Raspberry Crush is perfect for summer picnics with friends or straight from the fridge over ice if you’re barbequing at home”.

Brighton Gin was founded in 2013 by Kathy Caton and epitomises the Spirit of Brighton: unusual, fun-loving, open-minded, fiercely independent and ethically conscious.  Based at the city’s first (legal!) distillery, they produce super-premium, multi-award-winning Brighton Gin in small batches, a stone’s throw away from the sea.  Every bottle of Brighton Gin is filled, waxed and labelled by hand by the friends-and-family team.  It is the UK’s first vegan certified gin, including not only the liquid, but the packaging, label gum and wax top.

Both Pavilion Strength and Seaside Strength Brighton Gin have just been awarded the silver medals at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2020.  The Seaside Strength won Gold at the Nordic Spirits Awards 2020 and Brighton Gin was named Artisan Gin Distillery of the Year 2019.

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