Brighton & Hove Buses become Age and Dementia Friendly accredited business

Brighton & Hove City Council have launched an ‘Age and Dementia Friendly’ toolkit and accreditation scheme. It will help local businesses become age and dementia friendly, helping to ensure the city is accessible for all. Now, Brighton & Hove Buses has become the very first business in this scheme to be accredited as being an age and dementia friendly business within the city.

BHCC are ensuring people of all ages are celebrated. They are ensuring that the needs of the ageing population are considered in the design of physical environments and the planning of all new developments. With public transport and services being accessible for all, they are connecting people with their local communities. Therefore, more people can live independently. These measures, among others, can all help reduce loneliness, social isolation, and the risk of falls. currently estimate a loss of 44 million a month to transport companies that are not accessible to disabled people. The Centre for Better Ageing have projected that by 2040 older customers will contribute 550 billion a year (that’s 63p of every pound) to our economy. This is 221 billion more than projected spend by younger households.

“With an ever-ageing population, being an age and dementia friendly business is vital to ensure easier access for everyone,” says Ed Wills, Managing Director at Brighton & Hove Buses.

“But it is also crucial for the economy to ensure all people can access services. Common sense tells us that an age and dementia friendly city is only achievable if the local transport is accessible for all. This is why we have invested in ensuring our bus service is more dementia friendly.”

Councillor Ty Galvin, lead for Ageing Well at Brighton & Hove City Council said: “Imagine a city where someone living with dementia can easily and confidently access all local services and amenities wherever they go. Whether they are shopping for food or clothing, getting their hair done or visiting the local cinema or theatre. Public transport is a key component to ensure people can get easily get around the city, which is why accessible buses are so important.”

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