Brighton & Hove Cycle Map: A route to suit every rider

A new online cycle map has been created by Brighton & Hove City Council to help cyclists in the city choose routes to suit their personal cycling preferences and needs.

The map is aimed at local cyclists wanting to know more about recent cycling improvements, as well as visitors searching for things like cycle hire and repair, traffic-free routes or rural rides on the city’s downland fringe. Users can easily find features such as cycle lanes and cycle contraflows as well as handy spots like cycle shops and cycle parking.

Map users can select the area they want to cycle in and then look for the type of route they prefer.  It’s also simple for users to find landmarks, street names, cycle parking, light-controlled crossings, cycle shops and repairs.  Many more features suggested by local cyclists have been included, and the council welcomes feedback from users which can be sent via a link on the map so it can be improved to match the needs of its users. There is also an option to print or save a copy of your customised map to add your own notes.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, Chair of the council’s environment, transport and sustainability committee said: “The new online map recognises that people want different things from their cycle network. Some like off-road or quiet areas to build confidence or leisure cycling.  Others want more direct, faster routes. The council has done masses of work to improve cycling facilities and numbers. The map makes those all clear and helps make cycling more practical and enjoyable for all levels of experience.”

Officials say the map will be updated regularly to include new features, such as the city’s forthcoming cycle hire service due for launch in September.

Keep an eye out for updates and check out the map at

“The Brighton & Hove Cycle Map is a great resource to help people get the most out of traveling by bike. It’s customisable so people can identify the most useful infrastructure they feel confident riding on – whether that’s bridle paths, segregated cycle lanes or shared routes – and plan their journeys accordingly. The Map is useful for anyone wanting to travel by bike in Brighton and Hove, whether they’re experienced bike commuters or they haven’t been on a bike in years. We’re delighted it’s launched in advance of Cycle September, when we’ll be running a competition between workplaces to see which can get the most staff to try riding a bike.”

Fred Ellis, Brighton Project Manager at Love to Ride

“This is a really useful map to use when looking for safe routes to cycle around the city. It’s great to be able to add and remove layers depending on the type of cycling you’re looking for.”

– Lucy Dance, Sustrans Bike It officer, Brighton & Hove

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