The Brighton Marathon All Dayer

Finish the Brighton Marathon in style, with the The Brighton Marathon All Dayer this Sunday. Not only is it  a great way for runners and the people supporting to celebrate the marathon. It is in bid to raise money and awareness for Huntington’s disease and the event will a massive line up of amazing DJs and live acts.

The Brighton Marathon All Dayer starts at 12 in Patterns, the perfect time as people will be getting close to the finish line, and goes on til late in the night. Organiser Gareth Evans, who will be also be running 10k right before the event, has rounded up some of Brighton’s best DJs and also two incredible live performances from Commands Altrnt and Transformer. Food on the day will be served by the incredible Vudu Food, who will offer a mixture of cajun and creole food with vegan-friendly food available to feel the soul of any runner or dancer.

As a population, we know very little about hereditary diseases and this is the case when it comes to Huntington’s Disease. We all remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge dominating the internet and most people questioned “why are people doing this?” As of yet, there is nothing as viral circling the internet to do with Huntington’s Disease. But maybe after some like-minded people from Brighton who have put together this massive event to raise money and also awareness for this incurable disease, that will start to change. To do this, they are doing it in the best way possibly, by throwing a party.

Huntington’s disease is a hereditary disease that is passed down through families and it is caused by a faulty gene in someone’s DNA which will affect your body’s nervous system – the network of nerve tissues in the brain and spinal cord that coordinates your body’s movement and activity. The Brighton Marathon All Dayer is partnering with Huntington’s Disease Associationthe only charity that supports people with this incurable disease.

So whether you’re running the marathon, spectating or just wanting to have a few drinks on a Sunday afternoon, go down to Patterns to join in with this worthy cause. Entry is free on the day but there will be donation boxes located all around the venue. For more information go here.


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