Brighton Science Festival 2017!

Did you know it’s possible to use ultrasound to create invisible 3D objects in mid-air that you can touch? Or that you can cook a full English breakfast using only items you’d find in a hotel room? Understand the mechanisms behind both of these and more at the Brighton Science Festival – set to arrive at various locations across Brighton & Hove from Sat 11 – Sat 25 Feb.

Inspiring young minds across Sussex since 2005, Brighton Science Festival 2017 is to take a slightly different format to previous years, placing more focus on children’s activities to coincide with the February half term. Festival director Richard Robinson, said: “Young people love to explore, experiment and create. They don’t mind making mistakes along the way. But the school curriculum doesn’t leave time for mistakes. They have to get the right version in their books straight away, ready to move on to the next topic. There is no room for the spirit of discovery.

“Secondly, their parents don’t join in. So our family fun days are there for both parents and their children to play, experiment, discover and share the experience.”

For two weeks, visitors of all ages can expect to expand their knowledge of technology, medicine and maths through the medium of song, dance and entertainment in a variety of the city’s best venues.

A former actor, puppeteer and founding member of TV satire show Spitting Image, Robinson launched the festival 12 years ago to encourage curiosity in youngsters, with many of the events over the fortnight aimed at children as young as two years old.

Kicking off the festival on Sat 11 – Sun 12 Feb, flagship event Bright Sparks (taking place at Hove Park School, Nevill Road) is set to be bigger than ever, offering a programme of hands-on, accessible science fun for youngsters and their parents. With more than 50 inclusive stalls, stands and shows, there are plenty of awe-inspiring wonders to be found by budding science fans both big and small, regardless of whether visitors have been before. Across the weekend, guests will be able to engage with a number of activities, with opportunities to discover robots that react to light, peek through telescopes that safely let you view the sun, and even build brains and make Minecraft mods.

In addition to the mammoth opening weekend, the festival is also putting on a plethora of interactive shows, workshops and activities across the weeks that follow. From Festival of the Spoken Nerd v. George Egg (featuring home-friendly science experiments and an anarchistic cooking show) to the DIY synth-building workshop, the festival is set to stay true to form compared with previous years, delivering yet another enjoyable learning experience outside the classroom. Prepare to have quizzical minds challenged, stretched and expanded, and take your newfound knowledge and inventions home with you.

Brighton Science Festival comes to various locations across Brighton & Hove on Sat 11 – Sat 25 Feb

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