Brighton Science Festival

Building bridges between science and the people of Brighton, Brighton’s Science Festival returns for the thirteenth year, for a nine-day long event across the city. The festival is for all, but aims at 12-14 year-olds in the hope of stimulating their minds with all things science related, before the school curriculum sucks the life out of science fun.

Filling up half-term with sparks, over 100 workshops and occasional slime, Brighton Science Festival hopes to bring 10,000 young minds to be enthusiastic and inspired. The energetic, fun-educational days are for both parents and their children to play, explore and learn everything in the world of science.

With workshops and crafts on how to make slime across the day, re-crafting old toys into ‘monsters’ and design and recreating robots into a miniature version of Robot Wars. Rocket inventions, shadow studio workshops, short-films exploring the depths of science and many more, the event explores all aspects often forgotten about science.

Director, Dr. Richard Robinson, aims to reignite the enjoyment science can bring, and the importance it prevails in every-day life. Allowing children who have not yet discovered, discover.

For more information on the event and how to get involved visit:

Sat 10- Sun 18 Feb 2018

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