Brighton Science Festival 2022 family

Brighton Science Festival’s Hands-On Half Term 22-30 October

A feast of science for the whole family

Nine days of science fun from Ensonglopedia, Ian B.Dunne, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Fizz-Pop Science, Richard Robinson, The Pocket Science Funfair.

Brighton Science Festival 2022

Gather your bright sparks and help to make them stars, experiencing that strange, exciting, hilarious, explosive, curious, creative, colourful, magical thing called science!

These are days filled with practical experience, guided by experts and helped by their family. In 16 events over nine days kids will bring what they learn in class and put it to work, out in the world.

Witness a mad scientist give a sensible demonstration of lightning. Zoom into your senses and find out how Zoom works; also how your senses work. Acquire some Tricks for Treats at Halloween. Hear a clear and simple explanation of climate change. Find out if you were once a dinosaur, or if you were more likely eaten by one. Believe six impossible things before breakfast. Learn the power of small numbers. Let the Royal Society of Chemistry gently guide you through a proper chemistry experiment. Master the scientific way to Splat The Rat… and more and more and more…

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