Student Bingo

Brighton SU plays host to Choc ‘N’ Roll Bingo night

Eyes down for Brighton SU’s upcoming Choc ‘N’ Roll bingo session

Freshers and returning students to Brighton University this September have a new date to put in their diary. Brighton SU is playing host to a ‘Choc ‘N’ Roll Bingo’ night, which is to be staged at the Grand Parade Restaurant on Wednesday 2nd October within the City Campus. This promises to be a fun-filled night of bingo with a difference. That’s because teams will be playing something called ‘music bingo’, with entrants encouraged to swot up by “listening to the greatest and latest hits”.

It’s an ideal opportunity for socialising with coursemates, flatmates and other new people, with teams of up to eight permitted. Entry is absolutely free, with no pre-booking needed, just make sure you turn up well in advance of the start time of 6pm. The prize for the winning team? The clue is in the name of the event – chocolate of course! The SU have reiterated that vegan prizes will also be made available if required.

There has been something of a resurgence in the popularity of bingo, both offline and online. There are a growing number of digital bingo halls in operation, many of which are enticing the next generation of bingo players with welcome bonuses to whet their appetite. Offline, bingo has been given a contemporary twist in more ways than one by some forward-thinking bingo groups, most notably Bongo’s Bingo.

This group has been hosting live bingo nights across the country, turning bingo halls into party scenes during and in between bingo games. Whether it’s glow stick raves or disco balls, Bongo’s Bingo has tried hard to create a party-like atmosphere that makes bingo part of a night out rather than the sole reason for people to leave their house. It’s not just raves that characterise a Bongo’s Bingo event, there are plenty of random games such as dance-offs between people in the crowd, where people can win additional prizes aside from those on offer during the bingo action.

Live music is also becoming a common theme of a Bongo’s Bingo evening. Just recently, the group welcomed the booking of two-time Brit Award-winning artist, Ms Dynamite for two back-to-back dates. Having a fun, urban act to whip up the crowd into a frenzy is a great move by Bongo’s Bingo, who are developing something of a nationwide reputation for their unconventional approach to bingo. Nevertheless, it’s a unique way of making a traditional game more accessible and appealing to the millennial generation.

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