Best of Brighton Theatre in October 2018


Thurs 4 Oct

Brighton Dome

Pot is the tense and thrilling new play by Ambreen Razia. It’s the morning, but when Louisa wakes up there’s no sign of her erratic and unstable boyfriend Josh. To make matters worse she has no phone signal and the door is sealed. Can she trust Miles her new “protector” and with drug dealers on her back can Louisa make the right decisions when everything isn’t as it seems? Ambreen Razia’s thriller examines the children lost and abandoned by the care system who are vulnerable to gang culture.

Lavinia Swan landscape copyright Justin David copySwansong

Sat 27 Oct

Marlborough Theatre

Drag legend Lavinia Co-op stars in this play as part of the And What? Queer Arts Festival, playing gay liberation veteran Joan. As romance, heteronormativity and gay culture in suburbia is explored, expect a thought-provoking experience. Coop promises to be colourful and entertaining in this fish out of water tale.

Image by Justin David

LEAD IMAGE - Dom Coyote in We Can Time TravelWe Can Time Travel

Tues 30 Oct

The Old Market

Dom Coyote brings his intriguing and thought-provoking piece of gig theatre to the Old Market. Backed by 80s pop culture and music, and in a plot inspired HG Wells’ Time Machine, Dom travels back to the day his grandfather was lost at sea in an attempt to save him – then jumps forward into a reality that becomes more and more dystopian.

Dr CarneskyDr Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Woman

Thurs 1 Nov


Setting out to “put the magic back into menstruation”, this performance looks to break down the social taboo surrounding periods. Covering politics, feminism, culture, identity, comedy, illusion and cinema, this should be as entertaining as it is provocative. Live performances and filmed pieces come together to open an important dialogue.

The Wipers Times

Mon 1 – Sat 6 Oct

Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne

The incredible true story of a satirical newspaper which boosted morale in WWI.

User Not Found

Sat 6 Oct

Brighton Dome

This piece of immersive theatre uses an app to explore our online legacies.

Boeing Boeing

Tues 9 – Sat 13 Oct,

Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne

A reunion with an old school friend is an opportunity to showcase your talents, isn’t it?

A Hundred Different Words For Love

Weds 10 Oct

The Old Market

A year on from a big breakup, James finds himself trying to write a powerful best man speech.

Rain Man

Mon 15 – Sat 20 Oct

Theatre Royal Brighton

Matthew Horne and Ed Speleers star in this story of an autistic savant and his brother.

Two Halves Of Guinness

Sat 27 Oct

Brighton Toy and Model Museum

Trevor Littledale portrays an honest but insecure Alec Guinness right before his iconic turn in Star Wars.


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