BrightonPride25: The Exhibition

2015 is the 25th anniversary of Brighton Pride . This is an achievement we’ve all played a role in, so it’s an achievement we can all be proud of. As part of 2015’s Brighton Pride Arts and Film Festival, BrightonPride25: brings together hundreds of images from the city’s collective Pride past. Curated and created by Kate Wildblood, Alf Le Flohic and Josephine Bourne, this free exhibition at Jubilee Library featutres contributions from across Brighton & Hove’s varied and diverse community. A wonderful nine-metre chronological photographic collage, it captures the many amazing moments of Brighton Pride history. “The Exhibition will celebrate every step Brighton & Hove Pride has made to become the world renown and award winning LGBT+ fundraising event it is today,” said Kate Wildblood. “It has been a joy to research and create and I hope it will bring much joy and proud memories to all that visit the exhibition at the Jubilee Library.”

BrightonPride25 will also feature an interactive Pride memory installation allowing visitors to contribute their memories of Brighton Pride to the exhibition. “Life for LGBT+ people in Brighton might not be perfect,” said Alf Le Flohic. “…but compared to the legal protection and social acceptance we had in 1973 things have changed almost beyond recognition. One of the early banners simply proclaimed The Right To Love. It may have been over simplistic, but the message has held true over time: to have our rights protected and our relationships respected.” The exhibition demonstrators just how far society has come. While their struggle should not be forgotten or assumed to be over, the LGBT+ community have fuelled amazing changes by celebrating Pride year after year.

BrightonPride25: The Exhibition comes to Jubilee Library, on Fri 17 July – Mon 3 Aug 2015

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