In celebration of National Burger Day 2019, Rebecca Weller takes us round some of Brighton’s best offerings

Brighton’s best National Burger Day bites

Everybody loves a burger. Be it meaty and oozing with cheese, vegetarian, vegan, dripping with gravy or full of fish, the satisfaction of a well-put together burger is almost impossible to say no to.

Held on Thurs 22 Aug, National Burger Day is an annual event and what better way to celebrate these beautiful buns than with a list of Brighton’s best and quirkiest burgers?

Fear not, BN1 has got you covered with a list of where you should get your next burger fix.

Burger Brothers

Since opening 6 and half years ago, Burger Brothers have become an established favorite in Brighton, winning Britain’s Best Burger in 2016. Burgers start at £5.50 with a range of beef, chicken, vegetarian and halloumi options available. While there are no fries on offer, Burger Brothers offer mouthwateringly good food you can wash down with a scrummy shake. Classic burger and shake combo that is not to be missed.

In celebration of National Burger Day 2019, Rebecca Weller takes us round some of Brighton’s best offeringsThe Coal Shed

If more gourmet burgers are your thing, The Coal Shed is the place for you.  The lunchtime deal is perhaps the best value for money, a bourbon relish burger with a soft drink for £15 between 1pm and 4pm daily. Known for there excellent aged steaks; The Coal Sheds burgers offer decadence in a bun.

The Bok Shop

The Bok Shop boasts an individual take on what they call a classic chicken shop menu. Fans of hip-hop and burgers alike can join forces to tuck into The Classic burger, the Piggie Smalls or the Jennifer Buffalopez. Also on offer are wings, coleslaw, salad and fries. Prices start at £7.50 for wings and £8.20 for burgers. We can’t talk about The Bok Shop without mentioning that for an extra £6.50 you can ‘bossman any burger’ with your choice of extras and a skewered wing through the top, creating a tower of burger goodness.

Wolfsmouth @ The Worlds End (top image)

The second of Wolfmouths burger menu at The Worlds End focuses on vegan and vegetarian burgers and snacks as well as their meaty versions.  The perfect place to have a beer, do some old school gaming and sink your teeth into a succulent and satisfying burger (meaty or not). The vegan and vegetarian burgers are made from Seitan. A burger and fries will cost somewhere between £9 and £12, depending on which option you choose.

English’s of Brighton

If you fancy treating yourself to something a bit different this National Burger Day, English’s of Brighton’s smoked haddock burger with crab cake, crab mayo and Parma ham wrapped in a charcoal bun is one tasty option. The burger will set you back a whopping £20, but we all deserve the odd treat and this is one that will certainly leave you feeling satisfied.

The Poets Ale and Smokehouse

Last but most certainly not least is The Poets Ale and Smokehouse. Offering a vast range of burgers from plain, fish, Mexican, chicken, mushroom and chickpea, this place literally has it all! Burgers start at £11 with children’s options, a variety of sides and drinks also on offer at a reasonable price. Just reading the menu has made my mouth water and stomach rumble imagining the taste explosion of Cajun, garlic, steak, sweet chili, roasted pepper and so much more. With something for everyone, this place is a must visit, especially on National Burger day.

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