Brighton’s best theatre – Sept 2017


Sat 2 Sept

Ropetackle Arts Centre

While millions of men struggle and fight in the mud and hell of the trenches, one woman’s story of The Great War begs to be told – the story of Mata Hari, the most notorious female spy in history. Dancer, lover, confidante and liar, Hari was a woman of many talents, impressively portrayed by Katharine Mary with intelligence and poise.

100 years after her execution and inspired by her own words, this is her story. With original composed music by Danny Bright, and written and directed by Gavin Robertson, this tumultuous story is one you’ll never forget.



Fri 8 Sept

Brighton Open Air Theatre

Ernest is Jack. Ernest loves Gwendolen but she doesn’t know he’s Jack. Algernon is also Ernest but he loves Cecily. Both Cecily and Gwendolen are particularly fond of the name Ernest, which is good for Ernest but not for Jack or Algernon. Then there’s Gwendolen’s mother, Algernon’s aunt, Lady Bracknell. She disapproves – of everything, mostly.

Performed by just three actors, this ‘Trivial Comedy for Serious People’ is a fast-paced, one-act adaptation that will truly demonstrate, as Algernon/Ernest observes, that “the truth is rarely pure and never simple.”


Killer Queen 1KILLER QUEEN

Sat 9 Sept

Theatre Royal Brighton

Killer Queen have been performing their tribute to Queen’s concert since 1993. Their expert musicianship, extraordinary energy and  accurate portrayal of the world’s greatest live band have rightfully earned Killer Queen the title of Queen tribute royalty. Thrilling sell out audiences across the globe from the UK to Moscow, this show recreates the high energy, powerful phenomenon that was Queen live.

Fronted by Patrick Myers as Freddie Mercury, incredible talent combined with a powerful 3 1/2 octave tenor range, expert musicianship and dynamic stage presence, has captivated audiences the world over.


Team Viking - main imageTEAM VIKING

Tues 12 Sept

The Old Market

Five years ago, James’s best friend was diagnosed with heart cancer and told he had three months to live. His last wish was to be given a full viking burial. This is the remarkable, hilarious and heart-lifting story of how Jams actually gave his best mate the send-off he wanted. Combining storytelling, comedy and live music, Team Viking won the Vaults Festival Origins Award and was a runaway hit at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival.

An incredibly moving and heartwarming piece of storytelling that is happy and sad in equal measure, Team Viking stands out as a stark reminder to us all that life is for living.


WHIST 03 Photo by AΦE loWHIST

Tues 19 – Weds 20 Sept

The Old Market

Inspired by the work of Sigmund Freud, Whist invites you on a VR journey into the unconscious mind, through the dreams, fears and desires of a fictional family. This powerful experience merges physical theatre, interactive virtual reality and augmented reality technologies and an art installation.

It’s an exciting environment that blurs the boundaries between consciousness and unconsciousness, reality and fiction, the physical and the virtual. Your instincts will guide you through a compelling narrative of surreal world, exploring the story from one of 76 different perspectives.



Thurs 21 – Sun 24 Sept

The Lantern Theatre

Shalalalalee is the ill-fated love story from the very talented Dreamshed Theatre Company, set to the backdrop of Manchester City’s unforgettable glory years. It’s the late 1960s and life for young Mancunians generally – and City fans in particular – is pretty good. Janice and Tony, believing that the whole world is at their feet, prepare for exciting times ahead.

Using archive media material set to an absolutely stunning soundtrack of classic sixties hits to perfectly capture the spirit of the time, Shalalalalee tells a tale of football club fanaticism, young love, heady dreams and thwarted ambition.


Six Wives by Farrow creativeTHE SIX WIVES OF HENRY VII

Fri 22 Sept

Connaught Sudio, Worthing

Howard Coggins looks like Henry VIII – there’s no escaping that. Stu McLoughlin doesn’t look like any of the wives, but he’s going to give it a go. After their previous self-funded two-man historical drama is savaged in the press, the two are at their wits end.

One day, they hit upon a show idea that could transform everything. Can they put aside their differences and make it to the end without killing each other? With live original music, embroidery, Barbie dolls, silly songs and historical hysteria, The Six Wives of Henry VIII promises to be an ill-researched lesson in cross-dressing Tudor history that you’ll never forget.


A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody web image 2A LITTLE MURDER NEVER HURT ANYBODY

Tues 26 – Sat 30 Sept

Brighton Little Theatre

It’s New Year’s Eve at the Perry mansion and Julia and Matthew seem to have it all. When Matthew hears a good friend has been having the time of his life since becoming a widower, he decides to get rid of his wife so he can have some fun too! He resolves to murder Julia by the new year’s end, and tells her so. She vows to stay alive, and tells him so.

So the game begins. But while Julia cleverly dodges Matthew’s murder attempts, the Perry’s friends and staff are dying off mysteriously. As the bodies pile up, dim-witted daughter Bunny contemplates calling off her wedding since all the guests are dying off anyway.


MACONDO Barbican_Open_Lab_2809MACONDO

Fri 29 Sept

The Old Market

Inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ whirlwind novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, Macondo combines instruction-based theatre, binaural sound and poetic writing to create a unique theatre experience whre audience members are invited to perform for each other.

Choosing between Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Heroes, the participants decide the level of involvement they want to have in the show and abandon themselves to a predetermined script. Macondo appears for only fifty minutes in an empty theatre and takes the shape of the people that inhabit it.



Sat 30 Sept

Connaught Theatre, Worthing

When a small boy is stranded at sea, he is rescued by a mysterious old man who claims to be King Arthur. As the old man tells his stories, the boy is transported back to the days of Camelot. Guided by Merlin, the young king pulls the sword from the stone and and gathers his Knights of the Round Table. But Arthur senses the end of Camelot is not far away.

Stories of chivalry and battles, the search for the Holy Grail and the great betrayal of Lancelot and Guinevere are all part of this enthralling production from award-winning Story Pocket Theatre. Michael Morpurgo’s King Arthur is a finely-crafted adventure of epic theatre, puppetry and outstanding storytelling.

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