Brighton’s new venue – Hideout

A brand-new venue is coming to Brighton seafront: Hideout. On the 2nd and 3rd of March, there will be a launch to kick-off the inception in the city. The industrial essence and intimacy will allow it to become the south coast hideout to the ever-growing underground sounds of the UK. Hideout will offer the best quality sound with a Funktion One System where their unprecedented sounds will provide an exhilarating experience.

What’s another great aspect of this new venue is that they’ll be widening the demographic with a wide variety of genres to suit everyone and deliver an evening of fresh beats that will captivate you at every track. So much has developed from Brighton, expanding to all corners of the UK, all of which can trace their inception to Grassroots Music Venues.

Hideout’s ideology aims to open ears to what could be the sounds of the future as well as giving brands and promoters opportunities to express themselves and their sounds to the Brighton community. A community well known for it’s passion for music.

This venue will revitalise the nightlife scene, bringing a long-awaited musical modernity where every night and every tune will bring a stimulating and exciting experience.

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