Brighton’s Thriving Art Scene

Brighton is an absolute hub of creativity and undoubtedly has one of the best art scenes in the UK. The eclectic and diverse nature of the city is what makes it so popular and means there is a place for every manner of self-expression. And to show our love for our artistic home here are a few of our favourite contributors to the scene. 

The North Laine has always been a staple part of Brighton’s ingenuity. Not only because of the vast array of galleries, independent stores, cafés and coffee shops but also the incredibly varied and inspiring street art. The well-documented dog mural on Kensington Street became a huge hit following its creation last year. Produced by Brighton’s reigning graffiti king, Sinna One, For The Love of Dogs was commissioned by the Brighton Festival and is quite possibly one of the most photographed spots in Brighton.

The Prince Albert’s “dead rockstars” mural is one of the first sights people see on arrival into the city – another piece by Sinna One. The pub wall was also once home to to Banksy’s famous and controversial Kissing Policemen. However, it was removed in 2011 to be flown to America following an auction to be sold for somewhere between £500,000 and £1m. An imitation remains in celebration of the iconic piece, protected by Perspex.

Lawrence Art Supplies
on Hove’s Portland Road are one of the UK’s top art material vendors. Established in 1859, they have remained a family-run business ever since. Described as an “Aladdin’s Cave”, they stock absolutely everything and their staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Supplying countless artists and galleries across the city and nationwide via their online shop, they have long been a core part of the scene.

Lawrence Art Supplies
One of Brighton’s many independent exhibition spaces, The Bailey Alexander Gallery is tucked beneath the historic seafront arches with a view of the West Pier. Ex-solicitor Frédérique Bailey displays a range of her own exquisite handmade jewellery alongside ceramics, woodwork, textiles and paintings from emerging local talent, as well as those who are more established. She is biased to no style ensuring to incorporate all genres and techniques, from bizarre and quirky abstracts to exquisitely detailed scenes and lifelike figurines.

Bailey Alexander GalleryThere is never a shortage of pop-up exhibitions, events and creative collaborations in Brighton. April 30 sees Brighton DIY Art Market (hosted by the folk behind the renowned Hackney Flea Market) making its welcome return. The event will feature more than 60 emerging and innovative artists from different backgrounds and styles. Taking place at The Old Market, the Brighton DIY Art Market’s organisers describe it as “a great place to discover an eclectic range of original items and buy them direct from the artist.” No format is exempt, so expect everything from art prints, illustrations, sculptures, jewellery, textiles, comics, custom tees, cassettes, and so much more.

DIY Art Market

With two universities and countless colleges offering all kinds of art courses there is an endless flux of creative people. Brighton University’s Grand Parade campus offers some fantastic exhibition facilities. Just last year it even played host to Brighton Photo Biennial – one of the UK’s top photography festivals.

The art scene is fantastic for all the reasons we already love Brighton. There’s a real sense of ‘anything goes’, diversity and inclusion. Events and exhibitions take place all year round and can be anything from the underground and DIY to historic and world renowned.

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