Great Escape Beach Huts

Bring out Your Inner Music Nerd

Renowned for it’s reputation of multi-flavoured music performances, The Great Escape Festival is also holding several conferences for a number of subjects.

In the Spotlight:

Music in Television
The top five trends in sync and why the way TV programmes license music is changing
with insights from Simon Pursehouse (Sentric Music), Peter Bradbury (Sky UK), Catherine Grieves (supervisor on ‘Killing Eve’) and Ciara Elwis (supervisor on ‘Sex Education’).

The Podcasting Business
How podcasters find an audience, make money and promote new artists,
with insights from Jason Cator (Spotify), Xanthe Fuller (Mixcloud), Sophie Paluch (Blueprint Pods) and Cliff Fluet (Lewis Silkin).

Teaching Creative Entrepreneurship
How and why schools and colleges should teach creative entrepreneurship
with insights from Darren Hemmings (Motive Unknown), Erika Thomas (Watermelon Agency), Fiona McAuley (YMU), Meghan Lawrenson (Hotvox), Mark Lippmann (Scruff Of The Neck), Julian Deane (Raygun) and the artist Eckoes.

Key Export Opportunities for British Artists Gender Diversity in Music Education
What broadcast and performance data tells us about export opportunities for British artists
with insights from Amanda Carmichael (PPL) and Sami Valkonen (PRS For Music).
The crucial role educators play in addressing the ongoing gender gaps in music
with insights from music consultant Vick Bain, who will also present her exclusive statistics about gender diversity in music education.

The four-day festival is set to be full of life, music, information and just pure entertainment for everyone.

It will be a vibrant and memorable experience for everybody going. Don’t miss out on your chance to see these countless acts and broaden your mind on the music and entrepreneurship!

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