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Britain’s top fashion brands that are ripe for investment

While people may think of Paris and Rome when they consider style, the reality is many brands were born and bred in the UK and have gone on to international acclaim and praise. In fact, some British brands – be they high-end or high-street – are recognised around the world and are even on the stock market, meaning individual investors can either get a slice of the company, or trade on its potential, value, and performance.

Fast fashion

Consumers in the UK love to use fast fashion, and the country is known for brands like Primark, Topshop, Next, and JD Sports. These companies have a long history and have been established for years, while some of the most prominent names are more recent.

For example, BooHoo Group was created in 2006 and has expanded massively to encompass multiple other brands and sell its wares worldwide. Aside from holding BooHoo, it also operates brands like Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Oasis, Debenhams, Coast, Wallis, and more. The company was floated on the stock exchange in 2014 and is traded on AIM, a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange.

Increased demand for affordable fashion that is up-to-date and stylish has propelled these brands into record figures while significantly increasing their value. This means that those using UK forex brokers to speculate on the value of their stocks or shares or the performance of indices they form a part of can observe interesting changes in value, fuelled by this demand as well as other market conditions. Factors such as the change of the season or the acquisition of a new brand can all have an impact on the stock price and the value of opportunities.

In addition to BooHoo, no discussion on British fast fashion is complete without mentioning ASOS, which initially started offering dupes of items seen on TV and film. Today, it is a global marketplace offering a curated selection of brands, including high-street, high-end, and everything in between. It was propelled onto the stock market in 2001 and now sits on the London Stock Exchange and FTSE 250.

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Higher end brands

The UK is also home to a number of high-end brands that were founded locally and have gone on to international acclaim. Burberry is perhaps the most well-known and instantly recognisable with its palette of brown, beige, and green checks and its eponymous beige trench coats.

Over the years, the brand has undergone several facelifts to bring it to the attention of younger consumers. It has been in business for over 166 years and was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2002, subsequently being listed as a component of the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 due to its ongoing success.

Another high-end British brand is Ted Baker, known for suits, dresses, and shirts, all with a somewhat quirky and fashion-forward twist. Founded in 1998 in Glasgow, it is now on the London Stock Exchange and has a presence in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand. The two companies together are pioneers and flag bearers of the British fashion industry with massive followings across the world.

Some say that the British are not famed for their fashion sense, but the facts and figures say differently.

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