British Fashion Icons

British Fashion Icons To Draw Inspiration From

The Brits have been crucial players in the fashion world for decades. The absolute best come together to perfectly express the staples of British style, including classicism, elegance, and a flair of originality. 

From classic women’s shoes and the timeless little black dress to bold fashion choices and thinking outside the box, these fashion icons will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss has been the It-Girl in British fashion since day one. The supermodel effortlessly blends sophistication with edginess, creating a unique style that mimics perfection every time. Her style choices constantly bend the rules, setting new trends nearly every season. 

If you want to channel your inner Moss, stick to a darker colour palette with lots of silk and satin materials to add a feminine touch to the edgy shades. Channel your inner ‘70s rock chic persona to simplify the process, and don’t ever forget your sunglasses at home. 

Anna Wintour

It may feel strange to take fashion advice from someone who hasn’t changed their haircut for at least a decade, but you make an exception when that woman is Anna Wintour. Since taking over as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine, she has been revolutionising the fashion world in more ways than one. 

Her style is easily recognisable, with polished lines and feminine styles. To recreate her luxury style in a more budget-friendly way, embrace the tweed, investing in high-quality printed skirts and dresses. If you want to go the extra step, purchase a chic faux-fur coat to keep the chill away once the temperatures begin to drop. 

Alexa Chung

It is safe to say that Alexa Chung has curated a unique style to only herself. She is known to take risks, combining classic pieces with modern accents, rocking eclectic designs, bold colours and fashion-forward finishes. Like her own fashion inspiration, she builds her wardrobe around the classics, guaranteeing a suitable and stylish outfit choice for any occasion. 

For those unsure where to start when replicating her iconic style, include lots of button-up collars, plenty of dresses and mini skirts to show off your pins. Incorporating the perfect trench coat, a sexy leather skirt and a comfortable pair of brogues will set you up with a solid wardrobe foundation Chung herself builds from. 

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton is the perfect example of looking good at any age, proving that fashion icons don’t have to be limited to the younger generations. She has become well-known for pushing the fashion envelope, perfecting the androgynous look. 

It may feel somewhat intimidating to replicate her fashion choices, but start off small with a sleek, well-tailored white pantsuit paired with minimal, neutral make-up and a smooth, slicked-back hairstyle.

Audrey Hepburn

Very few people have stood out in fashion more than the iconic and beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Her poise and understated elegance were perfectly highlighted by a lifelong dedication to impeccably tailored clothing, neutral colours and only the most elegant finishes. 

Her clothing choices were always the perfect combination of timeless yet perfectly suited to the shifting influences of the 20th century, including the famous little black dress, a must-have addition to any capsule wardrobe. 

Victoria Beckham

She may have entered the limelight as part of the iconic British girl group, ‘Spice Girls’, but Victoria Beckham has undergone a complete transformation, cementing herself in the fashion world as a fashion designer and icon. 

Not one to shy away from flair and drama, this mogul continues to flaunt her feminine and extremely sophisticated style with a neutral palette, sharp lines and impeccable tailoring. Finish your look with minimal make-up and simple yet timeless hairstyles for the complete package. 

Catherine Middleton

Even before she became part of the royal family, Kate Middleton was known for her signature style. The constant picture of feminine sophistication, her put-together style always looks classy and chic, whether she is wearing a stylish pair of fitted jeans and a jersey or an elegant ball gown. 

While her status requires her to be more on the modest side, tailored knee-length dresses, dressy heels, picture-perfect hairstyles, delicate patterns and a soft colour palette will leave you royal-ready. 

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is a world-famous designer and the founder of making a statement, whether that be through her punk glamour aesthetic or incorporating bold political statements in her clothing choices. 

Her cutting-edge style is replicated through her clothing line and has produced some of history’s most unforgettable catwalk looks. She is well-known for updating styles from the past by mixing everyday fabrics with innovative cuts, reinventing 18th and 19th-century styles with mini hooped skirts and outerwear corsets.—notUrOK64

Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse is a fashion chameleon. The young British starlet has been known to experiment with her fashion, exploring different styles, colour combinations, cuts and brands. She is the perfect example of someone who isn’t scared of trying something different.

While her style continues to change, she is a fashion lover who favours a retro vibe, filled with many interesting shapes and colours. If there is anything to learn from Suki, it is to embrace change and look outside of your comfort zone. You never know; you may just stumble across your perfect aesthetic.

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