Budget Travel Destinations for Students

No country in the world would represent tourist interest. Each country is rich in historical and archeological sights, cultural heritage, environment-related beauties. Unfortunately, visiting many of them is really going to blow a hole in tourists’ savings. However, there is a list of the world’s tourist leaders in low-cost leisure, which includes countries with entertainment, sea, environmental and cultural destinations where you keep your mind off and stop thinking of, “Who can help me with assignment?” Check the list of countries you can spend a great time in.


It’s one of the most reasonably priced countries, gaining tourist popularity due to its location on the Adriatic coast and surrounded by islands. Thus, you will enjoy bright sea landscapes, white sands, and exotic nature. Yachting is rapidly developing on the beaches of Croatia: it is the main entertainment here. For true gourmets, there is a wide range of spicy seafood and local wine, famous for its softness and taste palette. It’s better to visit Croatia in the high summer heat from June and early autumn until October.


For curious tourists, Romania is a country of medieval fortresses and castles. Among them, there is the castle of the famous vampire Dracula. For active tourists, there are ski slopes and mountaineering routes. The fan of the sea can have a rest on the Black Sea coast. Romania is a country with a high forest cover. It charms with its wild nature combined with modern and very cozy cities. Hurry up to book tickets and take care of your homework, trust it to the time-honored statistics homework helper, and have a good vacation!


Some inexperienced tourists consider Slovakia to be the “boring sister” of the Czech Republic, but if you visit this hospitable country, you will realize that it is true. The low popularity of Slovakia among tourists come in handy for those who don’t like the overcrowded travelers of Central Europe. There are a lot of interesting places and amazing landscapes here, and the population is not spoilt with tourist attention, so prices are democratic.



If Asian culture attracts you more than the European one, you have to visit Cambodia. Finally, it has already done with the revolutionary turmoils and started to develop as a tourist country. Cambodia offers prices lower than any other Asian country, but its service is higher. The beauty of the country is unique: 22 national parks attract tourists from all over the world. You will admire blooming jungle, rare plants, and lush tropical forests adjacent to the beach areas of a clean ocean. 

Little Cambodia has the largest cult building globally Angkor Wat, a temple which is the main attraction of the country. Wandering its amazing cities, you will forget everything and be glad that you have decided to get help from academic writing service on time.


The popularity of Vietnam is becoming attractive for those willing to spend on airline tickets to restore a financial balance through cheap accommodation and meals. Vietnam invites not a tourist but a guest. Temples of rare beauty, excursions to the places where small nations of Vietnam live, hiking, and biking tours in the wooded mountains are waiting for you. Besides, Vietnam has the cheapest pearls in the world, the most unusual cuisine, and friendly local people. 

The rainy season is from May to December, but tourists aren’t embarrassed about it because of extremely low prices. They buy colorful Vietnamese umbrellas with fringe and go to get a new experience! Don’t waste your time regretting you can’t be here. Contact the academic helpers, asking them, “Please, help me write an essay” and go for adventures in Vietnam.

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