Edward Street Quarter

Cafes, restaurants, pubs, retailers, gyms and cinemas sought for Edward Street Quarter

Brighton’s Edward Street Quarter, the former AMEX house site owned by mixed-use developer First Base in partnership with Patron Capital, has 39,000 sq ft of food, beverage, leisure and retail units available to lease.

The units will be spread across five of the buildings as part of the development. Agents SHW and CF Commercial are targeting a vibrant mix of food and beverage, leisure and retail companies to lease the units, with various sizes on offer to suit individual requirements.

Leaseholders will have access to a ready-made customer base from the 2,000 office workers and residents of the 168 new-build apartments within the development, as well as from the residents who live locally to the Edward Street area. “We’ve already had a number of conversations with potential leaseholders and have many more lined up,” said Richard Pyne, Partner for Retail and Leisure Property at SHW. “This development is one of the most exciting to hit Brighton in over two decades and with so many other developments going up, it’s a great time for companies to expand into the city.”

Craig Fisher, Director, CF Commercial, added: “Brighton is one of the most exciting destinations in the UK outside of London in terms of development. Edward Street Quarter is a great example of the type of project that will set the bar for others to follow.

Edward Street QuarterSteve Eccles, Project Director, First Base, explained: “We’re creating a new neighbourhood in central Brighton. With a ready-made customer base, a thriving local economy and high demand for more retail, leisure, food and beverage options locally, Edward Street Quarter represents an unrivalled opportunity in the city.” A privately-owned mixed-use developer, First Base specialises in major urban renewal and placemaking, particularly in partnership with the public sector. First Base collaborates with leading architects such as Fletcher Priest, AFK, Make, BuckleyGrayYeoman & AHMM to create well-designed, vibrant and sustainable neighbourhoods.

Patron Capital represents approximately €3.4 billion of capital across several funds and related co-investments, investing in property, corporate operating entities whose value is primarily supported by property assets and distressed debt and credit related businesses.

Since it was established in 1999, Patron has invested in over 71 investments and programs involving over 65 million square feet (6 million square metres) in 16 countries, with many of these investments realised.

Investors represent a variety of sovereign wealth funds, prominent universities, major institutions, private foundations, and high net worth individuals located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The main investment adviser to the Funds is Patron Capital Advisers LLP, which is based in London, and Patron has other offices across Europe including Barcelona, Milan and Luxembourg; the group is comprised of 74 people, including a 41-person investment team.

For more information, or to contact the agents, please visit www.edwardstreetquarter.com

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