Camp Wildfire challenges festival archetypes

Coming to a location disclosed only as a set of Ordinance Survey coordinates, on Fri 19 – Sun 21 June, Camp Wildfire’s organisers believe: “Adventure is a necessity of the human spirit, instinctive to children but forgotten by adults.” This tenant underpins the concept behind this new, unique event format launching this summer.

Built for inquisitive and intrepid adults, by day Wildfire is a bustling 50s-style camp with expeditions, bush-craft, artistry, engineering and adventure sports. As darkness falls, the forest transforms into a hedonistic Wildfire of music and festivity.

“As children, we adventure to our hearts’ content” say the Camp’s founders “but as adults, our frenetic lives often get in the way. At Camp Wildfire, adults journey into another world for a weekend where adventure is natural and abundant.”

The founders are best known for their work on larger award-winning music events, having run a successful independent festival for the past nine years. Now they have chosen to keep the debut Camp Wildfire extremely intimate, with just 500 tickets available. The focus is on creating a rich programme of activities to challenge and inspire people and to build a community which works together to enhance everyone’s experience. For example, the morning Expedition Session might fell trees for the afternoon Engineering Session to build a zip-wire that the rest of the camp can enjoy all weekend.

Camp Wildfire 2

The idea is simple – you enjoy all the thrill of a music festival, but go back to work on a Monday with a sense of achievement and a rekindled spirit of adventure.

Tickets are on sale now, and are available to anyone registering on their website.

Camp Wildfire comes to an undisclosed location, on Fri 19 – Sun 21 June 2015

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