Good City Cycle Crowdfunder

Campaign launched for new Brighton social enterprise

A new Brighton-based social enterprise dedicated to changing consumer habits for the better has launched its first Crowdfunder campaign.

With a target of £4,150, the founders of Good City Circle need to raise funds to purchase an electric cargo bike, which will be fundamental to the start-up’s operations due to the hilly nature of the city.

Set to launch in autumn 2020, Good City Circle is a new subscription-based platform offering consumers one place to shop for products and services doing good, as well as tools and resources to help transform the city’s consumption into positive action.

Depending on the size of the donation, supporters will be rewarded with Good City Circle approved products including face scrubs made from leftover coffee, tea empowering refugees and greeting cards supporting local Brighton charities.

Nick Milne, social entrepreneur and founder of Good City Circle, said:

“I believe we can transform the way we consume into a powerful force for good. There are many products and services prioritising people and the planet but it can be challenging to find them all in one place. And that’s why we started Good City Circle – to make it easier for people to do good through their purchases.

“We chose to launch in Brighton as it’s a place known for its progressive and caring population, but inequality still exists, so we’ll be putting our money where our mission is and 50 percent of our profits will be donated to five local initiatives chosen by our members, each year.”

Local organisations interested in partnering with Good City Circle should contact


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