Cars You Would Not Believe Exist

If there is one thing that human beings are good at, it is inventing things. We are always looking for ways to create something new. And if there is something that is always being made and remade its cars. That is why today we are looking at some cars that you would not believe exist. You would find it more realistic to win the online slots jackpot than to see these cars on the road.

  1. Splinter

Having cars made out of wood, is something we did in arts and craft class. But some creative minds decided to take it out the class and actually create a proper luxury car made purely of wood. Created by Joe Hammon, the Splinter is the wooden car that resembles a Lamborghini. It also comes with 700 horsepower and it can go up to 368km/h.

  1. Peel P50

The Mini Cooper looks like truck when compared to the Peel P50. This car holds the Guinness book record for being the smallest car ever made. The Peel P50 can fit one person and it would be great if you want find an easy exist through a traffic jam.

  1. Amphibious Lamborghini Countach

If ever you wanted to drive a Lamborghini on water, then this is best car for you. It comes at price tag of a little over $27 thousand. And yes, you read it right you can drive this car on water.

  1. The Kiravan

Designed by American tech-designer, Bran Ferren, the Kiravan is the perfect car if you love travelling. Ferren designed the car for his daughter Kira and it comes with state of the art technology and you can always play jeux casino argent reel when you inside it. This is the only RV ever made and it can climb slopes of up to 45 degrees. The Kiravan is great for travel and it comes with a luxury kitchen as well as a great telecommunication system as well.

Top image: © 2017 Applied Minds, LLC.

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