Casino Inspired Fashion Trends for 2017

In the mood for a casino night but have no idea what to wear? You’ll be glad to hear that casino fashion has a timeless style that never goes out of date. No matter what your personal taste is or where you’re going, casino-inspired attire is always appropriate for any night out.

From a simple black and white ensemble to gold sequins and plunging necklines, casino fashion is glamorous and tasteful when done correctly. The following looks, which you can shop for anywhere, will give you the confidence to hit the tables in style and help you stand out of the crowd in all the right ways no matter where you’re going!

Glam & Flashy

Casino Fashion

In the true spirit of casino fashion, many ladies opt for a glamorous casino look involving plenty of sequins and shiny fabrics. Whether crimson or gold is your color of choice, you will blend in just fine at any upscale casino from the infamous Vegas strip to the tropical beaches of Macau; or any upscale event in Brighton for that matter!

Spring and Summer 2017 collections have witnessed a comeback of metallic textures and copper colored sequins. If that’s a little too much for you, you can always amp up the glitz with flashy accessories instead of going for the full gold look.

Classy & Sophisticated

Casino Fashion

A more tasteful approach to the casino look is to go for sleek cuts and monochrome colours like black, pearl or nudes. Paired with elegant and unique accessories you can take a simple dress to a sophisticated James Bond temptress look that is never out of style.

Deep necklines and thigh high slits are making a huge comeback, but if you want to stay a bit more modest you can also get the same sleek look with a figure-hugging cut this will be just as in come springtime this year.

Casual Yet Trendy

Casino Fashion

If dressing up too much isn’t your thing but your next office party is at Grosvener, then you can still go casual while still staying trendy in the casino spirit. They key to achieving 2017’s casual chic look is contrasting cuts and pastel colors.

It’s all about angles and nudes this summer, so if glam isn’t your thing you can achieve that wow effect with a black and white outfit or your favorite pair of jeans and an angular blouse. No matter what look you’re going for make sure you stay in the festive casino spirit and stay updated on Brighton’s latest fashion trends and newest boutiques here.

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