Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa
Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa

Celebrating 15 Years of Little Jasmine: A Journey of Wellness, Community, and Innovation

From Humble Beginnings to Holistic Well-being

In 2008, nestled within a cosy Brighton apartment, a dream took root. Kyriakos and May, two souls from distant lands, merged their cultural richness to embark on a transformative journey. What started in the back of a living room has, fifteen years later, blossomed into Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa, a beacon of holistic well-being in Brighton & Hove. Today, with three strategic premises, over 35 dedicated staff, and a legacy of over 100,000 served clients, Little Jasmine stands as a testament to resilience, dedication, and vision.

A Pillar of Community and Sustainability

Beyond its tranquil rooms and therapeutic treatments, Little Jasmine’s heartbeat resonates with community engagement and sustainable practices. The ethos extends far beyond business, weaving a tapestry of empowerment through partnerships with charities like Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research UK, and hands-on charitable work in Thailand. In celebration of their 15th anniversary, Little Jasmine has forged a meaningful partnership with Rockinghorse Children’s Charity, becoming a well-being partner. This collaboration emphasises their ongoing commitment to the local community’s health and vitality.

Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa
Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa

Innovating Celebrations with Pamper Parties

In the realm of shared joy and luxury, Little Jasmine’s Pamper Parties have redefined celebrations. These gatherings are not just events but curated experiences, weaving relaxation and bonding into unforgettable memories. Each Pamper Party is an exclusive journey, where guests immerse themselves in a world of luxury, comfort, and shared happiness. From the moment they step in, they are enveloped in a sanctuary where every detail is tailored to elevate their collective experience.

Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa
Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa

The spa becomes a private haven where laughter, tranquillity, and companionship blend seamlessly with indulgent treatments. These parties, perfect for any occasion, transform milestones like birthdays, hen parties, or reunions into luxuriously therapeutic experiences. Guests leave not just refreshed and rejuvenated, but also bonded with shared memories that linger well beyond the spa’s doors.

Revolutionising Relaxation with 4D Chair Massage

Embracing the future of relaxation, Little Jasmine introduces the innovative 4D Chair Massage, a cutting-edge experience that transcends traditional practices. This technology offers a unique, personalised massage journey that understands and adapts to every contour of your body, simulating the intuitive skills of a human massage therapist.

Ideal for those who prefer their own space or wish to remain clothed, the 4D Chair Massage provides the sensation of a human-like touch without direct human contact. It’s an inclusive experience, ensuring that the transformative power of a massage is accessible to everyone, even those who might shy away from traditional methods. More than a treatment, it’s a pioneering approach to relaxation and well-being, inviting guests to explore new frontiers of comfort and tranquillity.

Empowering Businesses with Corporate Well-being

In today’s high-pressure corporate world, Little Jasmine offers a sanctuary. The bespoke Corporate Well-being packages are more than perks; they are a commitment to employee health and productivity. These thoughtfully designed programs infuse the workplace with rejuvenating practices, stress management solutions, and holistic health initiatives. 

By transforming the workplace into a hub of rejuvenation, Little Jasmine is redefining the essence of employee well-being, proving that a cared-for workforce is a successful one. The initiative signifies a paradigm shift, acknowledging that true corporate success flows from the well-being of each individual. It’s not just about mitigating stress but fostering an environment where creativity, clarity, and camaraderie thrive. In partnering with businesses, Little Jasmine sets a new standard, where work-life balance is not just an aspiration but a tangible, achievable reality.

Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa
Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa

A Legacy and Promise for the Future

As it steps into its next chapter, Little Jasmine holds firm to its foundational pillars of excellence, community, and innovation. With plans for expansion and continual introduction of groundbreaking services, the journey is far from over. It’s a legacy that invites everyone to partake in a story of growth, evolution, and empowerment.

In the words of Kyriakos Baxevanis, “Little Jasmine is not just a destination; it’s a voyage. A communal journey that cherishes each individual while empowering our broader community.”

Your Invitation to Experience, Cherish, and Be Part of the Journey

We extend a warm invitation to explore this sanctuary of well-being. Whether through a rejuvenating spa treatment, participation in our community endeavours, or a celebration marked by our signature luxury, your path to holistic well-being begins with us. Welcome to Little Jasmine.

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