Change a child or young person’s life through fostering!

You can do something amazing and become a foster carer with Evolve Therapeutic Fostering. It is a brilliant feeling to help others through fostering and see the smiles from children when they have an achievement or just good fun! Our foster carers have highlighted “being a foster carer is just great, it motivates you every day to support the child or young person with you for the better!

Evolve Therapeutic Fostering is a leading provider of therapeutic support to foster carers and children in the local Brighton area, Sussex and London. The fostering agency is registered with Ofsted and has an excellent track record of delivering positive outcomes and supporting foster carers.

Evolve has recently established a new office in Brighton to support foster carers locally and this follows its success in Kent and across South London. There continues to be a real shortage and requirement for foster carers across the South East and locally in Brighton. 

The agency is here to help people explore fostering and is holding virtual coffee mornings every Friday from 10am to 12pm throughout July and August and you can join these free and find out more about fostering. 

To start your fostering journey, you just need to contact Evolve and the agency can come to visit you at your home to explore your interest, to explain the process and cover any questions you may have. It is easier than you may think to become a foster carer and Evolve can help you with every step. 

Shortage of foster carers and the rewards of foster

This a real issue out there and you can help! People may not know but the latest research from Fostering Network (in 2022) shows an estimated shortage of up 7,300 foster carers across England. Jonathan Toomey, CEO for Evolve, commented “We would love to hear from people looking to explore fostering – the team at Evolve and myself are really passionate about helping children and young people and we want to support more people to discover fostering and the difference you can make.”

Fostering is a very rewarding career and to become a foster carer, you would need a spare room, commitment to fostering and to undertake relevant training. Evolve provide all the training and your induction. Each foster carer has a dedicated one to one social worker and they can contact the team at Evolve out of hours at any time. Fostering is not about the financial reward but it is an important area and Evolve pays a fostering allowance up to £750 per week for each child or young person to ensure the support is comprehensive and does reflect the hard work from foster carers. 

The model for Evolve Therapeutic Fostering does put the focus on the support for carers including following a therapeutic model. This includes one to one support and extra intervention such art therapy, drama therapy or play therapy. This is a real difference with Evolve and there is easy access to a highly skilled clinical team through Connect B4 Correct, which is focused on intervention. Connect B4 Connect is part of the Evolve group and also provide specialist assessments and training. For fostering and when you need a break, you can take respite or the agency can help with holiday plans. 

Family ethos and approach

When you do join Evolve, you become part of the family! We have a close relationship together with our foster carers , children, professionals and staff team. We like to make small things matter for everyone and we celebrate birthdays, religious events, achievements together and have regular events. 

If you are an existing foster carer, we can also help your experience of fostering as we can support you if you are considering changing or transferring agency. Foster carers with us have said “Transferring to evolve is the best decision we have made” and “evolve are a whole team, they do what they say they will”. We have a fostering ambassador that would be happy to share their experiences directly with anyone thinking about fostering or transferring agency.

The website for Evolve has all the information you would need about fostering, foster carer payments and you can Request a Call Back or download a guide to fostering. Contact us today and start your fostering journey!

Not yet ready to foster? Find out how to become a host family for an exchange student with EF HERE

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