Changes to Sussex Cricket Junior Player Pathway announced

This weekend, the ‘Area’ level of the Sussex Junior Cricketer Player Pathway will be revamped. Area Cricket has been the stage at which the best young club players from around the County of Sussex, between the ages of 8 and 15, are selected by Sussex Coaches for additional coaching and match-play delivered by the Sussex Cricket Board’s Area Cricket Associations. Area is the first level of representative cricket for those that may ultimately play professionally for Sussex County Cricket Club.

Rather than four Area squads (North, South, East and West) the squads will be cut to two at the higher age groups: the East Sussex Titans and the West Sussex Spartans. Four Area squads will remain at the youngest age groups.

The revamped programme will ensure improved transparency in selection, eradicate overloads in the system and ultimately improve the quality of programme for all involved, in particular the players. In addition to this, significant changes in Sussex’s methodology show an emphasis on a young player’s potential instead of their existing performance.

Tim Shutt, Head of Cricket Development at Sussex said, “The revamped system and the new talent identification and coaching methodology will all contribute to a better experience for these talented young players, enabling all involved to optimise their potential.”

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