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Chard relaunches at Igigi this month

When acclaimed restaurant Chard closed up at London Road’s Cafe Rust in the summer, there was concern over its future – particularly among BN1 staffers (our editor this year rated it her favourite dining spot of all time). But now the much-loved pop-up has announced it will be reopening in a permanent residence this month – right in the heart of the city at Igigi in Western Road.

Founded originally in 2015, Chard is a tight operation run by sisters Benny (former Semolina sous chef) and MaryAnn Sullivan, and MaryAnn’s partner Ciaran Thomas. A family business in the truest of forms, the restaurant holds that sense of home and comfort – as a result, each visit is enshrouded in the greatest of conviviality.

The monthly-changing menu is delicately put together from scratch with locally sourced produce, and is accompanied with a well-crafted cocktail list, plus a selection  of Sussex brewed ales, beers and ciders, and an array of all styles of wines – which you’ll likely be sharing with the wonderfully welcoming staff by the end of the night.

At Chard, there’s always something new and exciting on the menu to try. Summer’s scallop ceviche is still, four months after trying it, completely unparalleled, and we’re excited to see what Benny has up her sleeve for the autumn season.

Despite having two months without a home, the trio have been keeping themselves busy with a variety of successful pop ups at the Garden House – though it’s of no doubt their loyal followers will be glad to see them back up and running on a more regular basis.

Chard reopens at Igigi General Store later this month.

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