Charity Rave

Charity rave organised to raise money for mental health charities

After the tragic passing of The Prodigy’s Keith Flint in early March, it has since been revealed that the artist unfortunately took his own life at only 49 years old, after struggling with mental health. In light of this terrible event, The Cause, London’s DIY dance space, is organising a UK tour to raise funds for its partner mental health charities CALM and Mind in Haringey.

The organisers are putting on events up and down the country in memory of Keith Flint and to raise awareness of how mental health issues are. Their Brighton rave will take place at The Arch on Fri 29 Mar and it will be a celebration of the music Keith and The Prodigy produced and inspired, inviting down several DJs to perform on the night: some who the band shared line-ups with and who’s records were played at events during their rise to fame.

The organisers of the event wrote: “Male suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Mental health affects us all and raising awareness of this was one of the key factors in establishing The Cause.”

The Cause will donate all proceeds from ticket sales and bar takings to the two charities, CALM and Mind, in an attempt to raise awareness about mental health and how to deal with it.

Tickets start from £10 and are available to purchase from their website.

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