The ‘Queen of curry’ brings authentic southern Thai food to Brighton’s historic theatre-pub. A friendly, welcoming pub topped with an award-winning fringe theatre, the Marlborough is a well-known cultural hotspot with a unique character. The classic proscenium arch theatre upstairs buzzes with unconventional entertainment, while in the bar eclectic décor and a genius playlist create the perfect setting for delivering something a bit special.

Charm Thai have recently joined the Marlborough family, to the delight of everyone’s taste buds. Their chef Ramida, known as ‘the queen of curry’, has travelled from the tropical island of Phuket, to bring the finest home cooked Thai cuisine to you. ‘Our food is made with love and passion,” Ramida from Charm Thai (top) says. “We only use the finest ingredients, authentic Thai herbs and spices, and locally sourced produce. I serve food that I would compare to the finest restaurants that you will find in Thailand.’

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With The Marlborough’s first funded curated programme of top quality theatre work, the Autumn Season, about to begin, they are now serving distinctive dinners to match. Ticket holders can expect a discount on their dinner, so don’t just take our word for it – go and taste our queen’s speciality for yourself.

Charm Thai are currently serving authentic southern Thai food at The Marlborough Pub and Theatre, 4 Princes Street, Brighton, every Friday from 6pm. Check out the menu here:

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