Check the recent UK lotteries results

You may have noticed it’s somewhat cold outside. There are a few ways to explore the world from the comfort of your home, none of which rely on trudging through the wind and rain…

Celebrate Brighton in board game form

It’s now in a glorious third addition, BN1: The Board Game recreates all of Brighton & Hove’s brilliance, eccentricities, and singularities to your table-top. It celebrates a place where individuality is a competition, self-consciousness is an artform and nobody can hear the real world over the frantic acitivity of baristas. In short, the perfect setting for a day out.

You and up to four friends must travel the length and breadth of the city looking for interesting things to do and see. And adventure can be found in the most unlikely places. From the South Downs to Black Rock, the day is yours to spend as you please. You could explore the obvious sights or uncover hidden corners. Players discover local characters, eccentrics, celebrities and city events, or just go shopping. It’s a sublime mix of questing, micro-management and a little luck.

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Check the recent UK lotteries results

Negotiating the National Lottery can be a dauting task. Luckily has got all the information you need about the draws and results.

They also offer a detailed analysis of draws around the world, detailing fascinating statistics, looking at hot and cold numbers, and gathering more historical specifics on a multitude of international lotteries. So you can check the recent UK lotteries results now and choose your numbers wisely.

Lottoz is home to the world’s most beloved lotteries. It seeks to provide a gaming experience like no other, reinventing the way people play lottery online. By signing up you’ll be able to place bets simply, track the latest lottery results, get educated, and enter draws with confidence.

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Enter a new world from the comfort of your armchair…

How about exploring themes of friendship, gardening and singing, all inspired by classic 70s sci-fi movies like Silent Running? Available through Google’s VR platform, Daydream, So Let Us Melt is about the idea of a home, and being alone, and doing your best, and about the wonder and joy of watching things grow and of taking care of things and people.

A story-driven game by the creators of Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. The Chinese Room have built a reputation as one of the most exciting storytelling game studios of their generation and this is their first VR experience.

This is a fireside tale, passed down the generations from adult to child. It’s a narrative about the world we live in and how it got to be that way. It’s a story about friendship and duty, and the wonder of caring for things and helping them grow.

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Help a worthy cause

With the advent of the 21st century, technology, you can lend a hand to many worthy cause, without ever having to set foot in the cold. Many organisations need volunteers to run social media accounts, do administrative work, or compose e-mails. Others may collect homemade gifts or donations such as toys or greeting cards. Brighton’s Community Works and their online platform can put you in touch with organisations across Sussex who are looking for volunteers. You can either look at all the opportunities available, or refine your search based on your interests, activities you want to do, your availability, your age, or your postcode.

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