CHHIPA – New kid on the block

[metaslider id=35668]Gender blended clothing continues to evolve and dominate every daywear; its existence is an essential part of fashion in modernity. Writing as a woman who loves men’s clothes and longs for the versatility men are afforded in key pieces to be translated into what is available within gender-neutral clothing ranges, I immediately identified with new-kid-on-the-block clothing brand CHHIPA. Delivering a unique line of unisex shirts with such coherency and flair, one would not know that this was their debut collection.

Launched in 2015, CHHIPA is the brainchild of Claudia Borfiga and Lizzie Lock, both talented designers in their own right and also childhood friends, their combined creative gaze blossomed during a trip to India. Observing block printing in Rajasthan led to the creation of the brand CHHIPA and a limited edition principal collection of shirts only printing 100 per design making these attractively exclusive. 

The process of block printing is undeniably a labour-intensive one, it epitomises the term ‘ancient craft’ and it is rich in tradition with each family in the village taking on a different component of the printing process, as passed down through generations. The design duo is conscientious of it being a traditional craft, their love and respect for its origin is notable with them aspiring to support the community that inspired them in the future.

Lizzie is gushing to disclose details of their journey through India; describing the block printing process to me in intricate detail it is evident that this methodical approach to printing ignited her creativity. It led her to add printing to her abundantly creative repertoire, something Claudia was already familiar with. Her excitement for all things CHHIPA is contagious, she literally is chipper! We bond over a love of fastidious detail, something meticulously reflected in CHHIPA’s creations.

What makes the collection distinctive and sets it apart from the crowd is its simplicity cloaked in absolute cleverness of design. Care and attention has been paid to produce innovative clothing which combines traditional English and Indian shirt design, the result from this fusion of cultural customs, joining English collars with Indian pockets and English pockets with Indian collars is, quite simply, unisex apparel perfection.

With a clean, crisp and well-presented brand, CHHIPA is something for the ethical and fashion conscience 20-40 year olds to get excited about. This is clothing that has been on an intensive creative journey, an exciting one and one which its designers are keen to share with you.

To find out more about CHHIPA and view the collection visit:

Twitter: @chhipashirts


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