Chic BonBons present ‘The Glamour of Yesteryear’ review

After a day in the sun this past Bank Holiday Sunday, I ventured into the darkness for an evening of titillating dance and burlesque at Sweet Waterfront.

There’s no denying that all of the girls in the show are talented dancers and the following hour was filled with various solo and group routines from flirty 50’s home makers spanking each other with wooden spoons (!) to a Beach Boys inspired surf scene complete with bikinis. Throughout, the sheer number of different costumes for each scene was incredibly impressive.

Some of the routines were more memorable than others, these were the ones with the stronger ‘story lines’ whereas I feel that some lacked focus. There was also definitely a call back to the ‘Carry On’ era, especially when, between ‘scenes’, a french maid would come out to clear the stage to allow time for costume changes, and although quite fun, it did sometimes feel a little dated.

Another thing that I felt was holding the girls back was the space. Although this isn’t really a reflection on the show itself, the very small room was more suited to a solo or comedy show as opposed to a dance show and also on a warm day and with stage lighting the space became almost unbearably hot. I really felt for the girls more than anyone else, as an hour dancing in that heat must have been quite tough.

Overall this was a fun night out and a solid hour of entertainment and with a little polishing and more of an overall theme, I think this show could grow into something even better in the future.

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